Keratin For Eyelashes

Keratin for Eyelashes

Why is Keratin Great for Eyelashes?

If you’re as obsessed with gorgeous lashes as we are, you’ll always be looking for new techniques in the industry and products to enhance the look of your clients’ eyes. New treatments and products containing keratin for eyelashes have produced transformational treatments while also providing eyelashes with a shot of nourishment. Let’s find out more.

What Is Keratin?

Keratin is a naturally-found protein which provides a strong, protective layer in our skin, fingernails, and hair. It helps form an impermeable barrier, protecting delicate tissue below the upper layers. It’s important we care for keratin growth, especially in our hair which is produced by the keratin proteins. Keratin can also aid hair growth, giving hair strength and elasticity to bend and curl without breaking. Therefore, by restoring keratin content to our
eyelashes, we can help bring them to their natural, healthiest state, producing stronger, longer, and thicker lashes!

The Keratin Lash Lift

The rise of the lash lift has been down to its incredible results, using curved, silicone rods to create a smooth, longer-looking curl, lifting the lashes up from their base. This has given clients an opportunity to enhance their natural lashes rather than applying extensions with results lasting 2 to 3 months if they follow the right lash lift aftercare. After this time, they simply need to come in for a top-up to restore the full effect. Beauty brands such as Elleebana have introduced keratin into their pro lash lift kits, allowing beauty professionals to achieve optimum results for their clients. This includes their keratin boost serum which promotes healthy growth and protection for the natural lashes, while

their Elleevate Boost serum also contains biotin which improves keratin’s infrastructure.

Other Keratin Products for Lashes

If completing your lash lift certification with My Absolute Beauty, you’ll learn techniques from world-class trainers, as well as getting access to professional lash lift supplies to grow your successful beauty business. As the US trainer and distributor for the Elleebana lash lift and Belmacil tints, we’re able to provide some of the best keratin lash lift products in the industry.

As well as a range of keratin lash lift kits, other products include:

  • Elleebana stronghold keratin adhesive: This amazing lash lift adhesive provides a 10% stronger hold, offering a faster and easier lifting process than ever before.
    Containing both keratin and biotin, it supports lashes far more than other glues in
    the industry.
  • Keratin mascara: This nourishing lotion keratin mascara can be used as part of the
    lash lift process, in between treatments, or simply for conditioning natural lashes.
    Results can be seen in 14 days, helping the lashes to recover their structure.
  • Elleevate keratin mascara: This latest addition to the Elleebana range contains
    keratin, biotin, and arginine which promote strong and healthy eyelash growth.


Understand the benefits of keratin for eyelashes? Why not offer both keratin products and
treatments to your clients after completing our amazing lash lift training.
Take a look at our Elleebana course schedule now for more information and US locations.


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