Bottom Lash Extensions

Bottom Lash Extensions

What Are the Alternatives to Extensions for Bottom Lashes?

For many years, extensions ruled the eyelash world, but beauty professionals are always
being asked for more from their clients with bottom lash extensions making their way into
treatment lists across the US.
With clients wanting fuller, longer lashes, is adding more extensions the best solution? Let’s
take a look.

Pros & Cons of Lower Lash Extensions

Extensions are popular for creating a dramatic look for the eyes, so it’s no wonder that
many turn to lower lash extensions to balance out the appearance of the upper lashes.
Those beauty technicians trained in the art of applying both upper and lower false lashes
know just how time-consuming it can be, but they do create fuller, glamorous results
which can change the look of their client’s eyes.
However, there are some downsides to the treatment. As the natural bottom lashes are
often thinner and shorter than their upper counterparts, lower extensions have a shorter
durability and they can interlock when blinking. You may also find they’re not suitable for
some clients, with their bottom lashes just too sparse for the extensions to be applied safely
or effectively.

Lash Lifts – the Ideal Solution?

The lash lift has revolutionized eyelash services in the beauty world, offering clients who
would normally turn to extensions an alternative which provides benefits to their natural
lashes. Trained cosmetologists use a curved silicone rod to curl the lashes right from their
base, creating a longer lash without the need for extensions.

Why promote lash lifts to your clients?

  • Unlike lash extensions, the application process is much shorter. The complete
    process only takes around 45 to 60 minutes (with tints), meaning it’s more
    convenient for clients than spending a few hours getting extensions applied.
  • Extensions can have a tendency to look false, but the curved rods used for lash lifts
    create a smooth, natural looking curl which begins just above the root. Not a kink in
  • Unlike a perm or extensions for lower lashes, the lash lift is suitable for everyone,
    using different sized rods depending on lash length.
  • For optimum results, clients can also ask for lash tints to be applied, complementing
    their skin tone and overall look.
  • adhesive often contain keratin and biotin which provide a nourishing treatment to
    the lashes.
  • How long does lash lift last? Educate your clients about the right lash lift aftercare
    (things to avoid in the first 24 hours after treatment), and they can last up to 3
    months! After this time, clients simply book an appointment for a top-up.

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