Is The Beauty Standard Keeping You From Living Your Best Life?! (Part One)

From waxing and threading to shaving and plastic surgery, the beauty ideal is set high! Dare we say even unattainable?


First impressions are first impressions for a reason! But as a collective, we’ve become quite catty and vicious when it comes to others and judging their perceived beauty, which isn’t good for anyone.

This idea that beauty is the price women have to pay to exist in this world, is just wrong. To be seen. To be heard. Maybe even to be respected, is largely equated with what we look like.

Does anyone else relate?

So, let’s talk about this issue. The beauty standard that is written anywhere in stone, but the one women have been following that has been passed down generation after generation.

At My Absolute Beauty, we’ve created beauty products and services that encourage women to show up as they are. And only enhance what they already have. Let’s explore this realm of beauty, because, it’s not bad, it just requires you to think a little more deeply about your choices!


Beyond The Beauty Standard

The best form of protest you have is being truly and authentically you! So, questioning the beauty standard and what we follow and do almost instinctually, isn’t so natural.

  • Why are you wearing makeup?
  • Can you leave the house without makeup?

These questions may sound silly to ask, but when each of us does some work around them, it’s better for all of us. It relieves the pressure a little and keeps us from judging what one woman does or doesn’t do.

The first step is getting curious about your beauty routine!

While this is a big topic and there are so many facets to it, let’s explore how this beauty standard may be keeping you from fun, exciting experiences.


What You Might Be Missing

FOMO is the worst, and, even more so if you’re being kept from something because you’re afraid to show up trying to uphold a standard.  

What does this look like and how is beauty keeping you from your best lift? Let’s take a little peak.

Long, luscious hair has always been in and there isn’t a woman who doesn’t want a full head of it. However, not many have the hair that is both long and thick, so we pivot, and make things work.


Enter hair extensions.

These leading ladies have come a long way, and now you can order them online and clip them right into your hair. And, voila, a new head of hair!

So, what’s the hesitation? We’ve known countless women who forego so much to sacrifice this aesthetic. Really, nothing is wrong if you’d rather have extensions, it’s when you want to do something and decide against it, when it becomes something you should investigate further. How do they keep you from enjoying things? Consider the scenarios below.



If you enjoy hiking, running, or even lifting, hair extensions can get in the way and keep you from giving it all or leaving it all on the track. You may be worried they’ll fall or rip out, or perhaps you just don’t want to have to care for them.

This can be exhausting just thinking about and stressing over how to handle your extensions, but is there another way? A way for you to do both?  

We’ve covered a lot in this post and asked a lot of reflective questions, so we’re going to pause here for the moment, let you reflect, and continue this discussion in part two — stay tuned!


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