Is The Beauty Standard Keeping You From Living Your Best Life?! (Part Two)

Don’t miss out on fun experiences because of your brows and lashes — find out how microblading and lash lifts and tints can help!

In part one, we began an exploration of the beauty standard and how it may be impacting how people enjoy and experience life. In today’s post, we’ll continue to examine the different aspects in which it influences not only our beauty routines but our lives!

At My Absolute Beauty, we craft the best beauty products to streamline your routine so you can enjoy the sweetness of life!

More Enjoyment less FOMO!

We briefly touched on different activities and how they are fun, but don’t always make our routines easy, thus why we’re missing all the fun. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Read more below!  


Water Sports

Coveted mermaid hair and the water don’t always coexist when it comes to hair extensions. Imagine catching a beautiful glassy wave and into the barrel, and losing sight for a moment because you’re worried about your hair. Or, waterskiing on a hot summer day and feeling the sun touch your skin and the breeze fill your hair, yet being totally distracted because what if your extensions get wet or fly off?

This is stressful and it robs you of your joy to truly enjoy the moment. How many moments have you lost?   

Whatever your reason, don’t let beauty standards keep you from doing what you love! There’s always a solution! Look for extensions that are easy to put in and take out, or try a different avenue!



Eyebrows are big. They’re trending and don’t show any signs of slowing. Women crave a brow that is equally shaped, yet full which has led to all kinds of brow products, including brow pencils and gels. These products attempt to fill in and make the brow appear fuller, and sometimes darker.

But, what happens when they get wet? Do they melt?!

In some terms, yes! Brow pencils and gels are not permanent. Moreover, you have to be apply and reapply every day, which is a lot of maintenance. And again, like with hair extensions, when they get wet, they will likely run or rub off leaving you feeling exposed.

And in comes the pressure and insecurity of keeping your brows on. Have you ever gone swimming and secretly stashed a brow pencil in your bag only to reapply it quickly during a bathroom break?

If this sounds like you, isn’t it exhausting trying to keep up with your brows?

An alternative to this is microblading. Microblading takes the worry and anxiety out of brow maintenance and creates a more permanent, easily-managed brow routine.

Microblading gives you not only your time but you sanity back to enjoy the things you love and explore new and exciting experiences — you’ll never have to calculate exactly when and how you’re going to have to sneak away and check on your eyebrows. You’ll have the freedom to swim, bike, hike and do all the things you love without your eyebrows disappearing!



If you have really light lashes, having mascara around is often a necessity — it completes your look and you can avoid questions like, are you sick or are you tired today? when really you’re just not wearing mascara. How rude!

A great way to enhance your lashes and leave the hassle of mascara behind is through a lash tint and lash lift. These services ensure that you’re ready to go 24/7 and you don’t have to worry about stashing mascara in your purse, glove compartment, or gym bag, you can just get on with your life!

Where are you at in your beauty routine? Do you continually worry about your hair and makeup, and is it keeping you from living your best life?

Life is too short to miss out on experiences due to hair extensions falling out, rubbing a brow off, or looking like you’re tired, which is why microblading, lash tininting, and lash lifts can benefit your beauty!

Explore the beauty standard and think about how you want to show up? Are you held hostage by it or is it something you’re not willing to invest any more time in?  You get to decide. You get to protest!

Get the best products and explore services by reaching out today!   

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