Is It Time to Give Your Salon a Makeover?

Here’s the thing, if you clicked on the title of this post to read more, there are really only three reasons. One, you are a dedicated reader and keep up with all of our posts, and this was just another on your reading list. Two, you are making sure that your salon does not meet any of the criteria we are about to list. Or, and this one is most likely, you have been thinking about it already. If you have been thinking that your salon might need a makeover, chances are it does. But, we have good news for you, it probably isn’t necessary for a whole renovation and salon relaunch. There are several small things that you can do to give your salon the facelift it needs to attract more clientele.

In today’s post, we are going to review a few of the tell-tale signs that your salon could benefit from a facelift or full makeover to help grow your client-base and increase revenue. At My Absolute Beauty, we offer all of the training, products, and marketing products you need to give your salon the revamp it needs to launch your career to the next level.

Signs Your Salon Could Use a Makeover.

New clients are few and far between.

At any salon, you should have a healthy mix of repeat customers as well as new clients and walk-ins. If you have seen the number of new clients or walk-ins decrease, it is time to take a look at the reasons why. It may be a lack of presence or your marketing efforts. Or, it could be the look and feel of your salon. If your only clients are the ones you’ve always had, it is time to revamp your salon. Your salon makeover can be as simple as a thorough cleaning and some fresh marketing, or it could mean adding services to your menu and making your product line more appealing. A few small efforts make a big change.

You have to warn clients about moving through your salon.

If at any point, while your clients are in your salon, you have to warn them about anything, it is time for a remodel. Let’s clarify. If you have wires or cords taped in place, a “watch your step” sign, or you have to apologize for the unnecessarily long time it takes for the water to warm up, you should consider making some repairs and minor remodels. Your clients should be able to walk into your salon and confidently navigate through it uninhibited, including those with handicaps or special needs.

The posters, the polish, or your bangs, wreak of 199-anything.

The beauty industry is ever-evolving, and if you can’t keep up, you’re out. We get that when you open your salon or invest in a remodel, you make every attempt to be fashion-forward while saving a few bucks. Instead of making your wall colors and furniture match the latest trends, pick something timeless and classic that will last a few years before you find yourself reading one of these articles. If the marketing posters on your walls, the nail polish you offer your clients or your own beauty look is reminiscent of yesteryear, consider an upgrade. Your clients form a general impression based on the look of the salon and the beauty professional who will perform their cares. People select beauty professionals who look like they want to or who sport beauty trends that are current.

At My Absolute Beauty, we want to help all beauty professionals succeed. We offer training with the latest products on the latest trends with the industry’s experts. We also provide the latest marketing materials and products for you to offer to your clients. Browse our entire product line on our online beauty supply shop.

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