Building Your Lash Fam (Part One)

Because bringing people together in the name of beauty is what it’s all about!


Networking. Meetups. Beauty events. All in the vein of building a name and creating a beauty career you love. But, does this ever feel inorganic, a little schmoozy, and even unnatural? It’s okay, these events make everyone feel a little awkward as demonstrated by the nervous laughs, obsessive checking of phones, and talking about random topics with a strange unattached engagement, but it’s all about meeting the right people, right?!


At My Absolute Beauty, lash lifts and microblading are just one facet of what we do — we’re also here to help you grow your beauty career! Jam with us today on building a beauty career that aligns with you, your vision, and doesn’t feel so, well, fake!

On The Other Side Of Lash Lifts  


There are all sorts of reasons people get into the beauty business — from making people look and feel amazing to honing an artistic expression, it’s important you’re here! We need you to show up as you and be the best damn lash lift influencer you can be!


And it begins with people. Building a fam — a beauty squad — surrounding yourself with the best, so you can all shine and lend support in an industry that is oftentimes catty and lost. 


So, here you are. Talented as all get out. But it’s you and you alone. You need people and you need a beauty community. As it turns out, all these events, meetings, happy hours, and networking opportunities don’t always lead to real community. 


Why not?


As it turns out, jamming over cocktails and forced conversation doesn’t actually lead anywhere except an excess of libations (probably carbs, too!) and draining your energy. In the end, you probably won’t meet a business partner and all you’re left with is the exciting new LinkedIn request!


Don’t sell yourself short!


Instead, build your own damn beauty community. One with a vision and a focus, and that goes beyond the status quid pro quo. Yes, it’s always a give and take — everyone has something to offer — but go beyond just the niceties. You know what’s easy? Faking it! People know this, so why not create a community that truly has your back? A place where support and trust are at the pillar as you watch everyone blossom into a beauty badass! 


Building Your Lash fam


Give people a reason to start building a lash fam with you — happy hour and other events are likely obligations for some, so if people are going to invest time on a weekend or an evening after work, there better be a damn good reason. 

So, shine!


What’s your beauty branding edge?


Identify a problem – Have you attended events in the past where you just roll your eyes? This is a great way to get curious about what went wrong and fix it! Are there any events in your town? Start there! Or, maybe the events are too big — look at what you can do to foster real connection all while jamming on the stuff you love and care about…lash lifts and the world of eyebrows!


If you haven’t figured it out yet the beauty industry is multi-faceted and there is another side beyond lash lifts. To build a beauty fam, you need people — your people! We’ve just begun diving into building a beauty fam and there is so much more we want to explore with you. 


Want to know more? Look for part two very soon!


Your beauty fam begins here! Get the best Elleebana lash lift and microblading products, in addition to beauty resources and training you won’t find anywhere else! 








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