Networking As A Beauty Professional (Without It Feeling Slimy!) (Part One)

Does networking feel forced and awkward? It doesn’t have to and here’s how…


Beauty networking events, such as trade shows, are an excellent way to meet other beauty professionals to swap lash lift techniques and business practices that have been successful. But, most of us have a hard time swallowing the concept that is networking. It feels fabricated and phony, and when you’re an introvert, it makes everything even more uncomfortable. 


Not into networking? Let this post inspire you! At My Absolute Beauty, we know that to grow your lash lift business and add more clients to your book, you have to get out there and meet people! Stay here and gather ways to network in the beauty industry that leaves you feeling good and accomplished without the skeezy film that networking can often leave behind! 

Networking: The Small Talk


It’s often a myth as a beauty professional that you inherently have the gift of gab and that small talk comes easily, but like any other profession, some people are naturally gifted at small talk, while for others it’s a learned skill. There’s no doubt about it, you have to learn it when you have client after client in your chair! 


But, networking may feel different. It’s spending hours in a crowded space with strangers trying to awkwardly engage and do all the right things — and it’s physically and mentally draining! 


If you’ve ever experienced a perfectly firm handshake, a funny icebreaker question, and overpowering eye contact that may edge a little too close to your soul, you may have met the networking robot!  


What is the networking robot? It’s the person who can check off all the things and hold a great conversation, but leave you cringing with rehearsed answers and forced facial expressions where everything behind them are blank. 


There is no true connection and isn’t this exactly why we’re networking in the first place? Networking isn’s about being fake or going through a box of business cards that get ditched anyway, it’s about being intentional and making lasting connections that bloom and grow long after the trade show is over. 


So, how can we be more intentional and authentic at beauty trade shows and other networking events? Let’s dig into some tips below!


Talk with intention.


Everyone is at an event to talk business and we get that, but it doesn’t have to feel schmoozy and car salesman-y. There is certainly enough room for you to cut the crap and be more intentional. 


If you rehearse and go over topics like you’re studying for an exam you’ll be just like them, and then things will never change. You’ll blend in and this doesn’t benefit anyone. Have an idea of what you want to say but leave the bulk of your interactions of just being yourself — this, this is what the beauty industry needs more of. 


Be the helper.


Mr. Rogers — yes, we’re going there — often lamented that in a dark world, look for the helpers because you will always find the ones who want to help. So, be the helper in this situation. When you go to your next trade show, offer help whether that be in your extensive lash lift knowledge or how you’ve grown your beauty business — you can always assist. Beyond that, you can help connect people or recommend your favorite My Absolute Beauty online training course to better steer people in the right direction. 


Networking and building your beauty business is not necessarily an innate skill — it can hard to sell people on ourselves not to mention our business, but this is exactly why we need each other! 


Networking doesn’t have to be forced and inauthentic, it’s all about how you approach it and what you bring to the table. Trade shows can be fun and you can make a lot of great connections that feel good and not in an inorganic way!


There is even more to explore so if you want your next trade show or networking event to be intentional without all the robot-y stuff, look for part two soon!


To get all the latest lash lift posts, premier lash lift products, and online training to ramp up your beauty career, connect with us and shop our beauty products today! 


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