Helping Your Clients Move Beyond Their High School Yearbook Photo

It happens. We aren’t entirely sure why, but for whatever reason, many people find their look in high school and stick with it, much longer than is humanly necessary. People get comfortable and familiar with their look and struggle to move on when there is no longer and institution guiding tandem supporting their personal style. As a beauty professional, however, you have moved on. You keep up with current trends, the latest techniques, and you are even progressive enough to set future trends. Perhaps it hurts your soul, just a little bit, to trim and curl the bangs of your client. It is your job to give your clients the look they want, yes. But, it is also your job to optimize their look. For the client who struggles to move beyond high school, you can be their beauty mentor and offer them hope for a more current look.

At My Absolute Beauty, we are so much more than a simple online beauty supply shop, selling the industry’s best beauty products — although we do that too. We are you subject matter experts offering training and certification on the latest beauty procedures including lash lift, microblading, and lash and brow tinting. We also offer our beauty professionals advice on how to successfully grow their practice and build their client base. Join us in today’s post as we explore some ways that you can help your clients update their outdated look.

Suggest the idea as a progression.

Hearing “you need an upgrade” from your fabulous beauty professional is hard to hear. Even if you mean it from the best place, it puts your clients on the defense, making them feel self-conscious and devalued. So, be subtle about it. Offer to “try something new” and come armed with some examples. Lace the suggestions with compliments like “I think this new technique would really accentuate you stunning eye shape, do you want to try it?” Or, “if you’re wanting to feel fresh and younger, let’s try this new technique.”

Never burden your clients by offering a ton of new services, suggest one at a time that compliments one they are already asking for. Unless, your client is looking for a complete makeover, be mindful of upgrading their look without destroying their confidence.

personal style

Complete the style.

If your client insists on the same old thing, that’s okay, just style as modern as you can. For instance, if your client insists on thick bangs and a layered back or lash extensions that are far too much, complete the look by styling long side-swept bangs instead of entertaining the mullet-esque look. Styling their old do in a new way might inspire a subtle shift that will evolve into updated change.

A good way to complete an old look while offering updates is to offer complementary services. For instance, if your client loves their lash extensions and is still suffering from 90s pencil brow, suggest they give their lashes a break this go around and offer a lash lift and tinted instead. And, while you’re at it, offer to tint and fill their brows for a brighter fresher face. These subtle changes make a huge overall difference they are sure to love.

What NOT to do.

To help your client update their look, you’ll need their “buy-in” and consent. Here are a few things you should never do to get that.

  • “Accidentally” make the change.
  • Suggest a change in any way that suggests they don’t already look great.
  • A change to fix a biological flaw.
  • Suggest drastic change or change to several aspects of their overall appearance.

The beauty industry is about optimizing and enhancing a person’s natural beauty while making them feel their best. Never exploit someone’s insecurities to add on services. There is little we can do about the lower back butterfly tattoo, but we can help our clients overcome 90s brows and Y2K bangs. For all of your beauty supply needs, shop our online beauty supply shop at My Absolute Beauty today!

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