Building Your Lash Fam (Part Two)

Surround yourself with the best all while upping your lash lift game!

In part one, we started the conversation of building a beauty fam, and we know, beauty professionals are craving so much more than happy hour and meetups — you want real, authentic connection. And that’s where we come in!

At My Absolute Beauty, not only do we have the best lash lift products from the best such as Elleebana, we’re here as a resource to heighten your beauty career! Accompany us in today’s post as we muse more on building a lash fam! 

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But really, what’s your branding edge?!

We just scratched the surface in part one when we explored the first idea around your edge, which is solving a problem. Let’s leap into more below! 

Connect over a common experience – You know how you can feel all alone because of an experience? Chances are, you’re not alone and there are many people in the beauty industry that align with you! Do you want to see more diversity or serve the disadvantaged? Build a fam over that!

Change it up – We’re all used to networking events, happy hours, and meetups, so maybe it’s time for you to change it up. Host a small group at your place for a beauty brunch, or find a space where you can all relax with a yoga class and stay and talk afterward. 

Sometimes it’s better to narrow your focus than just to meet over “all things lash lifts!” 

Get all your beauty tools in a row!

It’s vital you button everything up before you get into the nitty-gritty of building your beauty fam — get the basics out of the way.

 Big beauty events often have food, drinks, speakers, and sponsorships, and yours, maybe not so much. 

Reserve or figure out a gathering space. Whether you host the event or outsource it in a coffee shop or restaurant, you need to have a consistent place to meet. It’s always worth it to ask if the meeting place (other than your house) will offer discounts or a special group offering to sweeten the deal!

Promoting Your Beauty Community

How will anyone come if there is no marketing or promoting involved? This might be as simple as setting up a Facebook group page or enlisting Eventbrite. 

Ensure you actually have an event location!

It’s discouraging when you put your soul into an event only to have no one show up. Sure the beginning may be a little slow on the uptake, but the purpose is to build a beauty fam and you can’t do that by yourself. 

So, how do you get people to attend?

  • Invite your friends
  • Post consistently (this is key) on social media
  • Send an email 
  • Post a large beautiful sign at your beauty business

Establish a culture.

You hear this notion tossed around so much these days that maybe it sounds offputting, but you can change that! You’re building your beauty fam and if you don’t, someone else will.  

Figure out what you want to say and say it! Build it. Discuss it. This is what a flourishing culture embodies. 

Do things a little different. Your people don’t want conventional, they want something that strays from the norm. Something real and authentic and a place that will help build and foster their beauty career.   

Make a space where they belong.

Everyone craves connection so while you can discuss all things lash lifts there is also space to relate on a deeper level, which many beauty professionals are craving. There is a reason why other things don’t work — people see through them.  

It never hurts to get to know the people before you meet. Consider sending out a survey with questions about what they hope to get from the group or even indulge in some light social media stalking to find out more about what they’re about!

Offer help!

One of the most important things to remember when building your beauty fam is to support each other. So, compile all of your experiences and help each other out. From lash lifts and microblading to dealing with difficult clients, it’s the squad that gets you through it. 

Building a lash fam begins your people and building a community. Not only are you creating a space, but you’re also helping those in the beauty industry solve problems while establishing a culture they feel connected to.

You no longer have to play along in the cringe-worthy beauty events or engage in the cattiness that is all too common in the beauty industry. You’re free to start something new and spread your wings!

And, what’s better than providing a knockout lash lift every time? Sharing it with the people who support you and are here for your shine!

Shine on with your beauty badass!

Start creating a beauty fam today and find additional resources on our website!  


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