4 Reasons to Attend Industry Trade shows

No matter what industry you are in, there are tradeshows every so often. The beauty industry has so many tradeshows and conferences where like-minded people get together and shop-talk all things beauty. It is a place to information share and collaborate on new designs, patterns, colors, and trends. Tradeshows are the perfect platform to get people of varying abilities together to encourage, empower, coach, and teach on the subjects they are most passionate about.

At My Absolute Beauty, we love getting involved, getting out, and sharing ideas! We love attending tradeshows and meeting other beauty-passionate people in the industry. After all, beauty and fashion don’t exist on an island! In today’s post, we are going to offer four, completely objective, reasons that you should attend industry tradeshows whenever you can.

Before we just jump right into why we think you should go to beauty tradeshows, let’s first make sure we all understand what tradeshows are. Tradeshows are a coming together of industry minds, an exhibition where businesses can promote their products and services. If you’ve never been to one before, the next one you have the opportunity to go to, you should! Here are a few reasons why.

Share your talents and ideas.

Tradeshows are an excellent way to showcase your skills and talents to industry leaders. If you have new, innovative ideas you’ve been struggling to get out, set up a booth at a tradeshow. Work your magic while the crowds come to you. If you have real talent, a beauty tradeshow could really launch your career. Everyone who is anyone attends and can see you.

Meet industry leaders and get trade secrets.

As we previously mentioned, anyone who is anyone in the beauty industry will attend beauty expos and tradeshows. When you wander the aisles of booths or attend the seminars, you’ll have insider access to new ideas, techniques, and products. You’ll have a first-look at upcoming trends and have a sneak peek at the newest fashions. This helps you apply the latest and greatest to your salon and keep your clients at the forefront of the beauty trend evolution.

Sample products without commitment.

One of our favorite parts about going to tradeshows and expos is to get live demonstrations of new products and to sample the products with no commitment to purchase. Many vendors will give you samples or sell small amounts so you have the opportunity to test it out before committing to purchasing or recommending it to others. Testing the product out in person with the vendor allows you to ask all the questions that their product label or website may not answer.

Belonging to a community.

Our favorite part about attending any expo, seminar, or tradeshow is the sense of community. When you are in a giant colosseum surrounded by hundreds or thousands of people who share your passion, it can reignite your fire and redefine your purpose. In any industry, workers can get caught in the rut or begin to doubt if they’ve made the right move. Tradeshows will reinvigorate your drive. Mingle with others who get you and feel an overwhelming sense of belonging, where no one is really a stranger!

We hope this post has inspired you to join the My Absolute Beauty team at the next beauty tradeshow! We’d love to meet you and browse the industry’s newest products with you. Follow us on Instagram to learn about events we attend or visit us online to find a My Absolute Beauty event near you!

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