Get out and Vote in the 2020 Election!

Are you ready for the upcoming 2020 election? Make sure your voice is heard by getting informed on candidates and learning where to vote!
Get out and Vote in the 2020 Election!

Get out and Vote in the 2020 Election!

Voting in presidential elections is arguably one of the most significant rights to exercise as an American citizen, and the time has come to get out and vote! This blog will cover everything you need to know about where to vote and provide resources to help discover which candidate best represents your political goals.

Do you Know Where to Vote?

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Knowing where to vote is a crucial part of participating in the 2020 election. After all, you can’t cast a vote if you don’t know where to do it! Many resources help to make sure that come election day, you know where to vote.

Resources for Finding Where to Vote

In many cases, states will not finalize polling locations until closer to the election date. Keep checking back if that is the case for your area! 

Below are some excellent sites to help you find your polling location:

Steps to Take After You’ve Learned Where to Vote

  1. Verify accommodations: It is imperative to ensure your polling location has any special accommodations that you may require beforehand. Be sure to call ahead and verify accessibility or availability if you will need interpreting or other services.
  2. Check voter ID requirements: Two-thirds of states require you to bring identification to vote at the polls. Click here to see if yours is one of them! 
  3. Safety guidelines: Be sure to check with your local polling location to ensure that you follow all local safety standards while voting, which may include wearing a mask and practicing social distancing.
  4. Schedule: It is best to arrive as early as possible to cast your vote for the 2020 election. Getting to the location as soon as possible helps to reduce crowds-especially at closing time. Once you know where to vote, put a schedule in place for election day! 

Choosing the Right Candidates

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Get the most out of your right to vote by being well prepared! If this is your first year voting, it may be a surprise to learn that when you go to vote in the 2020 election, there are many more topics presented than just the presidential candidates.

Ballots will include several federal and local positions along with local issues for you to approve or reject. By researching voter guides and sample ballots before you are at the polls, you will be prepared to place an informed vote for federal and local officials.

Voter Guides for the 2020 Election

The easiest way to avoid voting blindly when you get to the polls is to check out your local voter guides! Voter guides list each of the candidates you will be voting for and offer details on each one’s experience and goals. They also explain any ballot measures, specific issues that you can vote to approve or reject. Check out the voter guide for your location by clicking here.

Once you’ve taken the time to prepare yourself for what’s on the ballot, you’re ready to go and participate in the 2020 election!

After You Vote

Politics can be a troublesome topic, and voting isn’t always straightforward. Be sure to treat yourself after you hit the polls! We recommend treating yourself to some of our best sellers. You’ve earned it. See you soon, and thanks for voting in the 2020 election!

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