5 Salon Treatments to Help Gain Clients Following Covid-19 Closures

Are you prepared to open your salon following Covid-19? Check out the top 5 salon treatments to keep clients coming your way!
5 Salon Treatments to Help Gain Clients Following Covid-19 Closures

5 Salon Treatments to Help Gain Clients Following Covid-19 Closures

Beauty salons across the nation have been switching up their offerings to entice clients to return to their salons. Following Covid-19 closures, a switch-up is just what your clients are craving! How can you grab the attention of existing and new clients? Follow along to learn My Absolute Beauty’s top 5 salon treatments that will help you gain clients following Covid-19 closures.

Top 5 Salon Treatments


Coming in at number one on our Top 5 salon treatments is Microblading! Microblading shot into popularity somewhat recently and is still rapidly climbing the charts. Microblading is perfect for reconstructing, covering gaps, defining, and filling in over-plucked or sparse eyebrows. 

You can bet that clients all over the nation are suffering from a gnarly case of "quarantine brow," and you are just the stylist to fix it! By jumping on the microblading train during the cusp of our return to the new normal, you will set the stage for an entirely new clientele to come flocking to your doors.

Permanent Makeup

woman with red lips and dress

Another thing that clients have been up to during quarantine is simplifying their beauty routines. After months of low-maintenance looks, returning into the public eye can translate into a more time-consuming morning routine than many people want to take on.

Capitalize on your customers' desire for an effortless look by offering permanent makeup in your salon! With endless options ranging from lip tinting to eyeliner, it's no wonder that PMU treatments have made it into the top 5 salon treatments to offer clients.

Lash Lifting

On our Top 5 Salon Treatments list, lash lifting packs a powerful punch! Lash lifting gives larger-than-life lashes and enviable volume to your clients - with minimal daily upkeep. It is yet another salon treatment that helps simplify beauty routines without compromising the wow-factor. 

This treatment is a big pull for clients who want to stop using high maintenance lash extensions or want their lashes to look longer and fuller with minimal effort. Offering this treatment at your spa following Covid-19 closures will surely help guide clients to your doorstep.

Brow Lamination

Brow lamination is an up and coming salon treatment that's rightfully earned its spot on the Top 5 Salon Treatments list. Brow Lamination helps sculpt and shape eyebrows into place with a perm-like solution for long-lasting, model-like results. 

Brow lamination is all the craze for coming out of Covid-19 closures. Popular social media apps have helped this procedure skyrocket in popularity by showcasing the results.

Take-Home Treatments

Woman applying eyebrow growth serum

Following Covid-19 closures, there are sure to be many clients who would be more comfortable taking their beauty treatments into their own homes and hands. Help your clients make this transition by offering take-home treatments!

There is a wide range of take-home treatments that you can choose to carry in your beauty salon. Some of our favorites are lash growth serum and eyebrow enhancing serum. With products such as these, you can help your clients make a comfortable transition back into treating themselves at your beauty salon.

Gain Clients Following Covid-19 with the Top 5 Salon Treatments

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