Why Your Clients Shouldn’t Do Their Own Lash Extensions

Don’t let your clients ruin a good thing, and help talk them out of doing their own lash work!

With the birth of the internet and the evolution of Youtube, almost everyone living in 21st century America is a do-it-yourself’r. While we applaud those Pinterest moms attempting to save a few dollars on their daughter’s unicorn birthday cake. But we think there is a definite thick black line that should not be crossed, and lash work is one that is firmly on the beauty professional’s side. Also, we believe that highlights, plumbing, and electrical work should also be left to the professionals. When your client is planning to do their own lash lift — but, how? – lash tint, or lash extensions, we are here to provide you with some very valid arguments as to why they should leave it to you without it sounding like you just want to charge them for the service — but you will.

Get pampered, girl!

Why would you do your own eyelashes if you have someone who can do it for you? Eyelash extensions take a lot of focus and attention to detail. It causes even the most skilled lash-pert to go cross-eyed doing their own. Remind them that you can help reduce the stress and frustration and let the beauty professional pamper them!

Save their eyesight.

Let’s be real. Aside from your training, talent, and the use of professional products eyesight is the driver of all eye-related decisions, remind your clients that if their extensions aren’t placed correctly and safely, by well-trained beauty experts, they may not even be able to see the end results. I mean, you don’t want to scare them out of their lash extension decision, but you do want to provide them the facts.

You are trained and highly skilled.

Lash work is a very specific skill set, not one that is taught in every cosmetology program. Remind your client that you, and everyone else who is certified, was trained by the industry experts, had to prove their skill. Moreover, continue learning and updating their practice as the trends and products evolve.

You can offer alternatives.

We L-O-V-E the look of lash extensions, the full fluffy bat of some falsie-clad eyes makes us all a little weak in the knees. However, comma, you can offer So.Much.More. As a trained lash and brow expert, remind your clients that you can give them the flawless lashes that will last. Have they considered a lash lift? Have they had a lash tint? Oh, girl. Tell them the benefits of these services as lasting longer and requiring so much less maintenance and upkeep! Show them that you can enhance their already gorgeous lashes and they won’t have to worry about them falling out.

At My Absolute Beauty, we offer everything you need to give all of your clients flawless lashes and brows. Lash lift and lash and brow tints are amazing alternatives to extensions. We also offer training and certification with the industry’s experts. Browse our entire selection online today!

To learn more about the products we offer beauty professionals, reach out today. Check out our other article on 9 Steps to Introduce Your Clients to a Lash Lift

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