Bow To The Brow (Part One)

Having abundant brows is just as important as any other beauty service but it’s the brows that tell a story, so you want them to dance and delight! Not look like a stick figure drawing from a five-year-old! Today is all about brow worship, so let us bow down.


Fantastic eyebrows. They define our face and complete any look, and after a long stint where eyebrows were tweezed plucked and drawn on with a pencil (we’re looking at you 90s), many are left with eyebrows that are patchy and just won’t grow like the Garden of Eden they once were.

And then the light shone on face tattoos. WFT? Face tattoos? That beaming light reflected from the needle and pigment and microblading was once. Thank. God!

There are many reasons people are embracing microblading — the no-fuss approach to eyebrow maintenance has been bestowed! At My Absolute Beauty, we’re the arch in the eyebrow game. Our microblading products stand alone — in quality, in safety, and longevity. Not only can you find the perfect pigment for your clients, we offer training to transcend your brow services for the best in client retention! Join us today as we commend and bow-to-the-brow as we soak in all the juicy goodness microblading has brought!

Microblading: The Life-changing Term and Practice

By now, as a beauty professional, you’re well aware of the joys of microblading in not only how it improves your client’s appearance, but how valuable of a service it is. And, whether you’ve just started beauty school or you’ve done thousands of microbladed blades, hearing about and performing this service can become, well, stale.

We get it.

You lose your why and just go into the motions, brow-after-brow.

You may even think, is this really adding to the world? Why do beauty services even matter?

We’re here to remind you of your why! Below are just a few examples of how your microblading services are making a difference!


The 90s

If you can think all the way back to the 90s, you know war was waged on our brows. The it thing to do was pluck, tweeze, and dare we say, shave our brows?! The future was not in sight — there was only MTV Spring Break, TRL With Carson Daly, and, well, drawing on pencil thin eyebrows.

Not a proud moment of the 90s.

So, all of these teenage-to-twenty-somethings in the 90s, now have eyebrows that won’t fill in, and in an era where the bushy brow reigns, it’s not looking good for them!

You can try all the products you’d like to regrow eyebrows, but there is not much you can do to transform wormy, slender brows to big, beautiful, and shapely caterpillars!

But, we have microblading! And, as a beauty professional, you give life back to these beaten and battered 90s brows! People of the 90s bow to this brow and to this service that has given them a second chance at full brows!


Translucent Brows

The struggle is real with translucent brows — not only can you look like you’re missing eyebrows completely, but people also mistake you for an extraterrestrial!

It’s a thing and it’s weird!

What do you do when you essentially have chameleon brows (and don’t say nothing)? When your translucent brows go largely unseen, you fill. them. in.    

Not only do you fill them in, but you also get a brow tint! A pillar of light bursts and the words to Amazing Grace flood the scene, I once was lost, but now am found, was blind but now I see!

How amazing it is when you first see your brows! But the thing with brow tinting is, it’s not permanent and to keep your new look afloat, you need a more permanent solution — microblading.


Microblading is the perfect solution for secluded brows.

With microblading, you provide miracles! You uncover and expose eyebrows, almost magically. And, the people with translucent get a new lease on life — they’re no longer being cast as the bizarre, out-of-this-world character in Hollywood!

The 90s, missing brows. As a beauty professional you are needed and provide a valuable service to those who either took their brows for granted or those who missed the winning numbers on color lottery when it came to brows!


For more information on how to revolutionize brows, turn to us today for our microblading products and services.


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