Do Good in the World — Offer Your Services to Those Who Need It!

As a beauty professional, you dedicate your life to making people look and feel their absolute best. You make recommendations on matching eyebrow tints to root colors and giving your clients the semi-permanent makeup they need to go from a soft 7 to a solid 10.

While you may grumble when you see the snarky lady who never tips walk through your door for her demanded VIP walk-in service  – you may wonder how you are going to save your 2 o’clock from her tragic dollar store perm, the best beauty professional sees these encounters as a challenge, a way to flex their skills and really hone their talents.

It is easy to take the gorgeous plastics, throw on some highlight touch-ups and a lash lift to create the va-va-voom she needs to stop the show. However, there are so many people in this world who could greatly benefit from the professional services you have worked so hard to master. And, let’s be honest, we could all use the practice! Pay it forward while you help some of those who need your services the most! Make a deposit in your karmic savings.

Whether you take a full-on volunteer opportunity in your community, or you offer discounts to select groups of clients, there are plenty of non-traditional clients that you can completely makeover, subsequently winning over!

Caroline, the cancer survivor.

Breast cancer (well, all cancer, really) takes much more than your client’s hair. And, unfortunately, it isn’t like 2007 Britney, but rather chemo-induced hair loss occurs in patches, falling out in devastating clumps. And, it doesn’t just hold hostage the hair on your client’s head, it takes along with it leg hair, eyebrows, even eyelashes! Many of these survivors may be doing a dance for the hair loss below the neck, but feeling insecure about the thinning lashes and brows.

Brow Henna can give your client the appearance of natural, perfect brows. Gently microblade on the appearance of hair to provide realistic depth and contours. That will enhance your client’s natural beauty and restore their healthy look. She’s battling a medical demon, she shouldn’t have to be without perfect brows.

Ida, the nursing home resident.

If you have never experienced the pure joy of a nursing home resident who spends the day being pampered, have you ever even truly shared your gift? The sad truth is that many nursing home residents don’t get many visitors. You can bet a good portion of them enjoyed keeping up with the latest beauty trends until they were no longer able to do it for themselves. With the thinning hair and degeneration of cells, the elderly residents are the perfect project for every beauty procedure you perform. Make a visit to your local community nursing home and offer your services.

Semi-permanent makeup including lash and brow tint might be the perfect solution to restore expression to your client’s face and make their eyes shine as bright as they did when they were young and beautiful.

Sharon, the battered woman at the shelter.

Many women who find the shattered pieces of themselves at a battered women’s shelter have left everything they have behind to seek safety. This includes keratin mascara and flat iron. These women are attempting to get back on their feet and look themselves in the mirror. You can help with a lash lift and brow tint that helps to brighten the darkness in their hazel eyes.

Our Lash Lift is the gentle formula that any mistreated eye can appreciate. Help a gorgeous woman realize her worth when you lift her up instead of putting her down — literally.

At My Absolute Beauty, we stand behind quality products that are safe for use on every client. We also believe that every person has the right to look as beautiful outwardly as they are on the inside. You, as the beauty professional, hold the powerful skills that can make this happen. We encourage you to take a break from your planner every once in a while and help those beautiful souls who could really use a day of pampering. Fill your karmic tank until it is overflowing with stunning before and after photos of the beauty you’ve helped enhance.

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