Hottest Eyebrow Trends for 2019

Stay Ahead of the Trends, You Trendsetter! Spoiler alert: big brows are not going anywhere anytime soon… New Year, new you! With less than two months until the New Year’s Eve party, it’s time to start looking at 2019’s hottest...

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Stay Ahead of the Trends, You Trendsetter!

Spoiler alert: big brows are not going anywhere anytime soon…

New Year, new you! With less than two months until the New Year’s Eve party, it’s time to start looking at 2019’s hottest eyebrow trends and decide what your eyebrows will look like in the next season. While natural, big, boyish brows apparently are still our #1 weakness (thank you, Cara Delevingne!), beauty experts claim the following trends will own Instagram and make everybody schedule an urgent salon appointment.

1. Contoured Brows.

Yep, contouring is not just for your cheeks and nose anymore – apparently, this mega-trend that ruled social media for the past year has now made its way to our eyebrows. According to Marie Claire, contouring is the next big trend in eyebrows for 2019 and “it’s all about clean edges, accentuated arches, and tapered tails.” The whole point of contouring is to perfectly lift, frame and define your facial features, and a great brow contouring job will lift your cheeks, slim your nose and make your eyes sparkle. And, who, we ask, doesn’t want that?

How to achieve this look: Step 1 is applying color to your brows in an ombre style (think gradient) – lighter colors at the base of the brow, darker colors towards the tail. Step 2 is making sure your eyebrows are looking neat and polished, so taper your brow tail into a disciplined point and define the edges of your eyebrows carefully. Step 3 – you need to brighten your eye area, so highlight your brow bone, swipe your highlighter underneath your brow, and blend, blend, blend.

How to do it professionally

Nobody says you can not do contouring at home, but it takes steady hands and an eye for color blending. Search “Contouring Epic Fails” if you want to see how a bad case of contouring will look – a trained technician will always be the best choice for the job. Eyebrow Microblading is the perfect solution to contour brow arches and high-quality products are a must. We recommend the ones you can find in our My Absolute Beauty Shop. Our products are produced in Germany and contain only the highest quality raw, natural ingredients – which is why they are non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-irritating and non-phototoxic. Best choice? The Everlasting Brows pigments which are creamy and highly durable, ensuring your strokes remain crisp and defined for up to 18 months.

2. Richer Textures.

If summer and fall were all about natural and minimalist, winter time is the perfect time to get some texture to your eyebrows. In trend at the moment are well-defined brows that are rich, full and dominant – we have spotted them lately at Marc Jacobs, Naeem Khan, and Mary Katranzou’s runway shows.

How to achieve this look: With a combination of products that will enhance rich shades and define a fuller texture. Use a brow pencil to define the brow shape and brow shadows to add deep color. A good brow gel will also add volume to your brows.

How to do it professionally

Microblading is the perfect solution here as well, as you’ll quickly achieve this feathered look without the fuss and the huge list of products. You can get rich, deep tones with our Amber Microblading Pigment (think bisque cream) our Lindsey (saturated caramel) or the Salma (inspired by Salma Hayek’s exquisite dark toffee brows). But here’s a hot tip: try our latest addition, Yaya DeCosta, another beautiful shade of dark brown which is intensely sultry and absolutely gorgeous – perfect for those wanting a shade warmer than Naomi. Also new in the My Absolute Beauty Shop is the Alek Microblading Pigment– our darkest shade of black, perfect if you want to achieve rich, deep eyebrows. As our experts say, the Alek “is almost black, but not quite there”.

3. Go natural!

2019 will be the year of natural and minimalist. But wait, don’t get fooled, that doesn’t mean you can just wake up, grab your coffee and walk out the door – say hello to the new no-makeup makeup look! If you’re confused, don’t be: all you need is to relax with the contouring, choose natural shades and enhance your unique, beauty features. The look you are going for here is the: “I just woke up” messy yet defined brows.

How to achieve this look: Use your brow brush and comb the brows outwards to get that boyish, Cara Delevingne look we were mentioning earlier. Then, add a layer of brow shadow to give a dash of color – but don’t overdo it. Your eyebrows should look like you used no product at all – even if you’ve been using plenty.

How to do it professionally

The thing with the natural look is that… it’s anything BUT time-effective. The amount of time spent to look like you spent no time at all can be frustrating, this is why our recommendation is to try Brow Henna brow tinting. Typically, a Brow Henna treatment takes between 15-30 minutes to apply and the results will last you between 2 and 4 weeks (depending on your skin type). In regards to look-and-feel, Brow Henna looks more matte and powdery, giving you a more natural look.

Hot tip: the Brow Henna that we have in the My Absolute Beauty Shop contains no ammonia and it does not require an oxidizing agent to penetrate the cortex and deposit color, as it has a natural formula that processes with the proteins in your hair – while other dyes on the market require hydrogen peroxide to develop the color. Moreover, it’s not tested on animals and it is even classified as vegan-friendly – meaning that salons that have a holistic or natural appeal can now offer brow tinting to their clients. Plus, because it contains hydrolyzed proteins, vitamin complex and antioxidants,  Brow Henna helps to strengthen and restore hair growth and improves the natural condition of the eyebrow. You can find out more about Brow Henna from our article here.

All in all, no matter what you chose for 2019, there’s one thing you need to consider: if you’re unsure about the personality of your eyebrows, better ask an expert. And never – and we mean never!– do what Rihanna did for the September issue of British Vogue. Thin eyebrows should definitely, firmly, 100% remain locked away in the ‘90 – and never make a return.

The post Hottest Eyebrow Trends for 2019 appeared first on My Absolute Beauty.

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