5 Reasons You Should Get a Lash Lift

Beauty magazines are full of spreads about the hottest new trends in the beauty industry and how you can stay on top of it. Fads come and go, but you know one thing that has never gone out of style? Amazing lashes. It is true, the way we treat our lashes and what we do to them has changed from time to time — I mean, let’s not forget the glue-on, paper lashes in obnoxious shapes that never failed to stick to your eyebrow or slide down the side of your face — but, long, thick, luscious lashes have never, and likely will never go out of style. Unless the next trend is eyelash waxing, and let’s not be ridiculous.

In today’s post, we will discuss a few reasons you should treat yourself to a lash lift as soon as you find a certified Lash Lift stylist.

1. You’ll look uh-ma-zing.

Okay, okay, so you already look amazing, you goddess, you. But, with a lash lift, you can elevate your beauty to the next, effortless level. A lash lift gives you the fullness and curl that makes it appear as though you have just done your makeup, without doing your makeup. It doesn’t matter if it is first thing in the morning, you have just completed an hour-long hot yoga class, or it has been six weeks since you last visited your stylist, your lashes will be on fleek.

2. Save time with the lash lift.

Once your lash lift is complete — less than an hour — you will have all the time you normally spend applying makeup, removing makeup, and touching up your makeup, to yourself! Speaking of time, your lash lift will last between six and eight weeks — longer than your highlights! So, you can save those extra hours for months at a time, just imagine how well-rested you will be.

3. Save money.

We know what you are thinking, the upfront cost is more than you spend right now. And, that is true, but when you have a professionally administered lash lift done, you won’t have to waste money on expensive mascaras, lash curlers, or mascara remover. And, since you can reduce the amount of product you use on your lashes, you can save the money you would be spending on lash extensions.

4. You can still participate in your other favorite eyelash trends.

Still want to add super-long extensions or rock some teal mascara? Your lash lift isn’t stopping you! You can still wear all your favorite beauty products, you just won’t need to. In fact, we encourage your lash lift to be an add-on procedure to compliment your lash and brow tinting and microblading.

5. Only the best can perform a lash lift.

Unlike other beauty procedures, a lash lift using the world-renowned Lash Lift, can only be performed by industry experts. Think this sounds serious? It is, and we are.

If you are looking for the perfect way to pamper yourself, we highly recommend a lash lift. At My Absolute Beauty, we train the best in the beauty business on the latest techniques with the best products. To learn more about the products we offer beauty professionals, reach out today. Check out our other article on The Ultimate Guide To Client Comfort During a Lash Lift.

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