Understanding the Lash Growth Cycle As a Lash Lift Artist

All human hair has a growth cycle, including your eyelashes. In fact, you have between 150 and 200 natural hair lashes per eye on the upper eyelid, and you have less on the lower eyelid — typically between 75 and 100 hair lashes.

My Absolute Beauty offers the best lash lift training and lash lift supplies for your day spa, salon, or aesthetician practice. It’s crucial to understand your lash growth cycle, so you can help your customers when they inquire about lash lifts. In this blog post, we’ll take an in-depth look at your lash growth cycle. Contact us today to learn more!



The anagen phase of your lash growth cycle is the active growth phase. This is where the hair is growing and is attached to your blood supply. It lasts between 30 and 45 days with between 35 and 40 percent of your upper lashes in the anagen phase at any given time and about 15% of your lower lashes actively growing. Once your eyelash reaches the end of this phase, it stops growing and enters the catagen phase.


The catagen phase is the name for your lash growth cycle phase where growth has stopped. It is also known as the transitional phase. The follicle will shrink in this phase, as your body prepares to shed the lash. This phase typically lasts between two to three weeks. This phase needs to be completed before a new lash can grow. Thus, if a lash is pulled out during this phase, the follicle will remain empty.


The telogen phase is the final phase in the lash growth cycle, which is also known as the resting phase. It can last from 90 days or more where it culminates in the falling out of your eyelash. There will be no visible eyelash once it falls out. Then, a new lash will begin to grow, starting the lash growth cycle all over again. However, it can take between one and two months before the anagen phase begins again.


Our eyelashes are in different phases of its growth cycle so that we always have eyelashes. Otherwise, there would be times we wouldn’t have eyelashes, which just would not be very attractive. Furthermore, eyelashes, although pretty, are not for looks. They serve a specific purpose — they help to protect your eyes from our environment. Eyelashes help to keep out dust, sand, and debris that can enter and harm your eyes. They also help us in our reflexes. Eyelashes trigger our eyelids to close when something brushes up against them, as a warning that something is too close to our eyes. Eyelashes thus serve a similar function to whiskers in cats.


  • Eyelashes grow on average about 8-10 mm in length (that’s about ⅜ of an inch)
  • You can lose between one to five eyelashes every day
  • If you have a high metabolism, you may shed more lashes faster
  • Constantly pulling of playing with your eyelashes will cause them to fall out faster
  • Hormones, drugs, and alopecia (hair loss condition) can cause your eyelashes to fall out faster


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