Business Tips For Extending Your Lash Lift Client Base

You’re the beauty professional — lash lifts are what you do. This can make marketing and gaining new clients tough because you’re here for the lash lifts and not so much the business side!

Being trained and certified in lash lifts is one step closer to drumming up new business and getting clients to walk through your doors, but how will they know what you offer and want to choose you over the others if you’re business is simply not visible?

A large part of the equation for exposure is marketing — it’s how customers see you and how potential customers can distinguish you over the competition.


At My Absolute Beauty, not only do we provide the leading lash lift training and certifications, but we’re here to support you as you elevate your career. When you begin your lash lift services you have the option to distribute our premier boutique lash products from Ellebanna and have access to a myriad of marketing materials. Join us in today’s post as we provide choice business and marketing tips to get new clients in the door!

Don’t Overthink You Lash Lift Marketing

You’re a beauty professional, not a business expert — we get it! You want to spend your precious time as the lash lift guru and not Richard Branson. Getting new clients in your door will take a little bit of your time, but it doesn’t have to be scary and we’re here with you the whole way!

So, let’s not overthink you’re lash lift marketing.


Lash Lift Marketing 101

Now that you know you need to spend some of your efforts on marketing, where do you begin? Begin simply and traditionally.

Client Referral Program

A client referral program is a win-win tool for both you and your customers and is one of the oldest marketing techniques in the book.

We all know word of mouth is queen and a great way to get new clients. Because you’re performing the best lash lifts in your area, your existing clients keep coming back and spread the good word. Another perk of performing lash lifts is that potential clients can see your lash mastery up close and personal. How many times have you been stopped in the grocery store and asked about your lashes?

So, you start a referral program.

Give your clients an incentive to spread your amazing lash lift services — this can look something like a percentage off their next lash lift or a free product when a new client mentions their name.

Cross Promote Your Lash Lift Services

Cross promotion is an excellent way to boost both your business and the businesses in your surrounding area. If there is a delicious restaurant you frequent, partner up and ask them if they are interested in carrying some of your marketing materials and you’ll rave about their food and leave around menus.

An optimal avenue would be partnering with a local salon where the hairdressers can talk up your services and you both can benefit from new clients who are in a similar demographic. If you can, see if you could rent space one day a week and offer customers there a lash lift before or after their scheduled appointment.

Get Involved

Community involvement is a great way to get your name and face out there. Sign up and attend festivals and events where you can have a booth — you could even offer lash lifts on-the-spot in the right space. It’s also important to think outside of what you might normally do — become a sponsor of a local and famed 5K race. Runners might love a lash lift and lash tint — it’s low maintenance and they can just get up and go without fussing over makeup.

Digital Marketing For Your Lash Lift Services

Much of modern marketing has moved to the digital space and for the beauty industry this means a great deal of our traffic is a result of Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. To stay competitive, it’s imperative you interact on the social platforms to drive new clients.

Google My Business (GMB)

Creating a GMB is how your clients find you. This space allows potential clients to search “lash lift near me” and find you! Ensure all of your information is correct — business hours and address — before publishing.

Social Media

If your business is not on social media, go create an account immediately! Instagram is a great platform for beauty professionals because it focuses on visual media — pictures. Here you can post before and after pics, advertise promotions, and link videos from your Youtube channel. You can create a unique hashtag people can tag and brag about, which only drives traffic!

Marketing your lash lift services may feel intimidating, but really it’s just taking a couple of extra steps in building your exposure to help get clients in your door. Stick with the fundamentals and you’ll grow your business in no time!

So there you go, you survived a business marketing blog!

For more information on our marketing materials or lash lift trainings, connect with us today!

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