The Significance of Hygiene in Your Beauty Career (Part Two)

Having a successful beauty business goes beyond lash lifts and brow tints — hygiene can make or break a client experience, so it’s essential to maintain it in your space.


In part one, we began exploring hygiene and how it can affect your business and looked at real tips to help you ensure a beauty sanctuary that is up to client standards.


At My Absolute Beauty, hygiene is a pillar of the industry. We’re here to help and support your journey with relevant information, training, and the leading beauty products. Venture into this second part as we continue the important discussion surrounding hygiene!   

Don’t neglect your retail – If you have retail shelves, it’s important to dust them daily. When clients see dust they might think the retail is old and not selling which might curb a sale, and this is definitely not good for business.


Ditch the clutter – Even if it’s clean, clutter makes the space look disorganized and dirty. Clutter can stack up fast, from pictures and notes around your workspace to magazines and your drink station (if you have one). Keep the essentials and donate or dispose of the rest.


Do whatever you need to do — watch or read Marie Kondo’s work, or just spend a day with your staff and get rid of the things you don’t need. Crisp, clean, and clutter-free is the gold standard for beauty businesses!    


Clean your workspace after each client.

This is extremely vital — you must clean your area thoroughly after each client, even if it means delaying your next appointment by five minutes. Clear everything on your workspace and use a disinfectant wipe or spray and clean the surface of it and the chair your previous client was in.

Take care of any brushes or tools that need to be sanitized. In the same vein, ensure there are multiple sanitizing locations available to your staff and that everyone is keeping up with the sanitation area.


Beauty Professional Hygiene

While this is a tough topic to cover, it imperative that it is. No one wants to think that their hygiene is lacking, but it may be a good idea to review and consider it.

Keep in mind you’re working in a close space with clients and working on highly sensitive areas such as their eyes, brows, and lips, that cross-contamination is a real risk. Perhaps you grabbed the used tool or forgot to wash your hands after your last client — this needs to end here!

Instead, get in the practice of washing your hands or using sanitizer in from of your customers, before their services and always double check your station before you get started.

It’s also important to consider your hands, hair, and breath when you work on a client. Make sure that your hands are not only clean but that your nails are trim and professional-looking. The worst thing that can drive a customer away is working on them with chipped polish or ragged-looking nails. Either keep your hands and nails trim and professional, or wear gloves.

Client Hygiene Non-Negotiables

Your hair is also an important factor. If it’s long, tie it back so it doesn’t end up in the work that you’re trying to do — even though it’s your hair and it’s probably clean, to others, it can be gross finding it laying around.     

Being up close and personal with a client can be an unpleasant one when your breath is bad — that may be the deciding factor in whether or not to book their follow up lash lift. Do yourself and the client a favor and sip water throughout the day and have gum and mints available to quell any coffee breath!

Some other points to touch on is other basic hygiene — make sure you smell nice. It doesn’t have to be an overwhelming or heavily perfumed scent (this also is not recommended) but rather that you’re clean and don’t have any lingering body odor!

If you’re concerned about this, leave a stick of deodorant at work and keep body wipes around to stifle any smells!

Hygiene is vital to your beauty operation — overall, it brings confidence to your clientele that they’re in a respectable, professional place. Make an amazing first impression and improve your client retention and watch new ones walk in the door!


For more information on the products and training we provide, reach out today! Check out our other article on How To Care For Those Beautiful Sleek Brows.




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