Heighten Your Career With Lash Lift Services (While Enhancing People’s Beauty) (Part Two)

Lash lifts are here to stay — is your career?! Learn how adding lash lift services to your repertoire will boost your ROI.

In part one, we began our discussion on everything lash and brow related. We’ve seen shifts throughout the decades of different brow shapes and thickness, but one thing that always stays constant are lashes — everyone always wants long, luscious lashes!

At My Absolute Beauty, we provide the leading lash and brow products in addition to innovative and industry-disrupting techniques, making you the beauty expert! Learn more about how adding lash lift services will ignite your business and make you the go-to lash guru!

Lash Lifts: The Beauty Service of The Here and Now

You may know and love lash lifts, but why do they matter to your business? They are one of those services that create a mutual benefit for both parties — you can offer this as both a stand-alone or add-on service to increase your revenue and clients love beautiful, natural lashes!   

Read below and find out why every beauty professional should be offering lash lift services!

Clients love the versatility of lash lifts.

A lash lift is a great service to add because clients love the versatility and are willing to invest in a service that is more flexible with their lifestyle. It’s no secret, lash extensions come with a level of commitment, and in our current culture, time is one thing we’re all short on.

Most women, on the other hand, are perfect for a lash lift because it boosts what they already have — pair this with a lash tint and you’ve given back time with minimal morning maintenance.

Many active women and fitness enthusiasts are opting for a lash lift because they can live their active lifestyles without having to worry about going in for fills — lash lifts provide freedom for those not wanting to fuss over beauty yet benefit from it!

Improve your ROI through education.

You know the benefits of a lash life, but do your clients?  One of the hardest parts of offering new services is spreading the word and educating your customers. Many times clients hear about a lash lift service but they don’t know how it would apply to them. This is why knowing your clients will be helpful in adding this service. Perhaps they have a special event like a wedding or graduation coming up — this is the perfect time to talk to them about it.

Another tactic that works for all of us are before-and-after photos. This captures the attention and can start the conversation into why a lash lift is for them. Or, you yourself can be the example. Many clients want what you have and are curious to learn about where and why to get it. You’ll be amazed at people who will stop you on the street and ask you about your lashes!

All of these tactics will be a sure way to improve and expand your ROI, and when you partner with My Absolute Beauty, you’ll be able to take advantage of effective marketing materials to increase the knowledge and education on your lash lift services.

Beyond Lash Lifts

Once your lash lift services get off the ground and you have a steady client base, it doesn’t stop there. There are many distribution opportunities where you can send your clients home with products that help extend their lash lift services, which is just another revenue stream!

While we would argue that lash lift services are for every budding beauty professional, it’s important to recognize if this would be relevant to your business.

Lash and brow services are the “it” services in the industry as many women are looking for options to enhance their looks through lash lifts and brow tints.

Help your clients get the look while expanding and growing your business.

At My Absolute Beauty, we offer training and distribution options to licensed beauty professionals to guide and promote careers through a myriad of lash and brow services. Work with the top beauty professionals and use luxury products that deliver the best outcomes.


Are lash lifting services in your cards? Connect with us and find out more today we’d love to add you to our team of beauty experts!


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