An Introvert’s Guide To Thriving In The Beauty Industry! (Part One)

Stay energized and engaged amidst lash lifts and microblading!

The misconception that all beauty professionals are extroverted and draw energy from the people that come and go from their chair is a complete myth. In fact, there are many introverts that walk amongst us that have thriving beauty careers brimming with packed schedules and lash lifts galore, so what’s their secret?

Introverts are not what you think — they’re not antisocial or aloof — they just need time to themselves to recharge. At My Absolute Beauty, we know the importance of self-care — take time to recharge and watch your beauty business flourish! Want to know the secrets of introverts in the beauty industry? Stay here!

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Are You A Beauty Introvert? 

There are many definitions of what makes an introvert and they’re commonly misunderstood in our culture. They’ve gotten a bad rap and for being “quiet” or “shy,” when really these characteristics are far from what an introvert is. Being able to spot an introvert is truly a gift because just as much as someone sitting alone reading could be pegged as an introvert, the same can be true for one that is the star of the party!

You may be an introvert if you experience life in ways such as:

Disliking small talk

Loving parties, but not necessarily meeting them

Being easily distracted

Downtime doesn’t feel unproductive

You need personal time alone to recharge

Love being in relationship with extroverts

You screen every call

Do you identify as being an introvert? Great! Now how do you begin to thrive in the beauty industry between lash lifts and brow tints?! Let’s navigate being an introvert as a beauty professional below.

The beauty industry seems like it was tailor-made for extroverts because a booming salon is typically loud, chaotic, and there are people coming in and out all day — and, they’re all there to see you! For an extrovert, this may not cause any concern, but as an introvert, this may cause you to take pause. But, there are ways around it — you can still be an introvert and have a thriving beauty career doing the things you love. 


Recharge, recharge, recharge!

Introverts need to recharge when their energy gets low, and you can do this both before and after a day slinging lash lifts and microblading! 

Before your day begins, fuel it with a morning ritual where you get some alone time. Brew coffee, sit down and read, journal, or meditate on the upcoming day. Leaving yourself some time in the morning helps slow everything down. And creates intentional space for you to feel less overwhelmed going into your day.   

After a long day of buzzing around the salon, you’re probably feeling drained. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s just something you feel. While after work we want to shed ourselves of the day and go out for drinks or be with friends, as an introvert, remember to take a moment to recharge. Before you do anything, just sit in silence and take a minute. This can be in your car before you go out or when you get home. Just take a breather! 

When you allow yourself to recharge, you become a better person, thus better at your job as a beauty professional. 

Choose a role you thrive in!

Many think that working with clients is just a bunch of small talk that introverts just can’t do, and this is an all-out myth! In fact, many introverts thrive as beauty professionals because it’s a one-on-one interaction where they get to know the client and maintain a relationship through the years! 

But, there are some roles that may be a better fit for extroverts. It’s important to know where your skills lie. For example, you’re great with clients and marketing your business but when it comes to attending seminars and trade shows, sending someone else may be the best business practice.  

If you’re in a leadership position or you own your own salon and have a team, for things like meetings and times where you have to get in front of a group, it’s important to outline your talking points and really have a good idea about what you want to communicate. Many times introverts are excellent communicators in writing. So even if you email your team beforehand, this gives you a great starting point in getting everything out effectively. 

Two tangible ways you can support your introverted ways is by taking care and recharging before your day starts and after it ends. Interested in how else you can thrive in the beauty industry as an introvert? Watch for part two!

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