Beauty Treatments During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting time for most women, and also a time of body image issues and the desire to be pampered more than normal. However, pregnancy also seems to be a long list of “Don’ts” that can feel limiting...

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Pregnancy is an exciting time for most women, and also a time of body image issues and the desire to be pampered more than normal. However, pregnancy also seems to be a long list of “Don’ts” that can feel limiting and devastating for those who are no longer able to engage in their normal activities and routines. While most mothers-to-be can forgo plenty of things for the sake of their baby, it may be difficult to surrender everything. In today’s post, we are going to fill you in on the beauty regimens you can still participate in while pregnant and some general rules of thumb. So, get ready to be pampered!

For pregnant women, it is normal to have both body image concerns with normal pregnancy changes that alter the body, along with hormonal changes that can have effects on hair, skin, and overall self-perception.

Additionally, some pregnant women feel a sudden loss of identity when all of the attention is paid to the baby and her pregnancy, with little regard to the mother as a person other than the baby’s mother. These feelings can cause some women who were never concerned with their looks to become more sensitive.

All of this is completely normal and may last for up to a year after delivery of the baby!

Pregnancy can cause a variety of skin and hair changes, as well as hormonal changes that cause a shift in self-perception. With the increased societal pressure to look glamorous at all times, including childbirth and the social media posts that are bound to occur, many women prepare for delivery with a variety of beauty procedures, as though they were getting married!

We’ve all heard the list of don’ts: don’t dye your hair, don’t get acrylic nails, don’t go tanning, don’t, don’t, don’t. Some of these warnings are founded, while others are more precautionary. Your best bet is to ask your obstetrician or midwife to get the full scoop based on your pregnancy.

Rules of Thumb For Beauty Procedures During Pregnancy
  • Avoid any harsh chemicals that touch your skin — they may be absorbed into your bloodstream and reach the baby… what is okay for you may be toxic for the baby or cause birth defects.
  • Do not raise your body temperature.
  • If you are exposed to chemicals — like in a nail salon or while having your hair colored — ensure the space is well ventilated. If the smell is noticeable to you, your baby is exposed to toxic fumes.
  • Avoid anything ingested or injected during the pregnancy.
  • Avoid anything that is unsafe for you that you did anyway — tanning, cool sculpting, etc.
  • Always tell your beauty professional that you are pregnant.

Hair Coloring or Processing

Yes, girl, add hair treatments to your “Can” list! The concern with hair treatments is product that processes on the scalp. However, we recommend both pregnant and non-pregnant women and men to use ammonia-free products all of the time! Organic hair care products are completely fine at any point in your pregnancy. To be safe, you can opt for an ombre look or highlights to avoid any product to be processed on your scalp during the pregnancy. However, be mindful of inhaling fumes while under the heat processor. If it bothers your eyes or nose, toxic fumes are reaching your baby.


Yes, gel and acrylic too. The big concern while you are pregnant and getting your nails done is avoiding inhaling toxic fumes. Select a salon that is well ventilated and wear a surgical mask (like most of the nail techs do) while getting acrylic nails done to avoid inhaling the dust or fumes. Otherwise, you are good to go!

Hair Removal

Okay, let’s clarify this one a little. Waxing is perfectly safe during pregnancy, although you may want to pay attention to the first session after you find out about your growing bump. Your skin becomes much more sensitive during pregnancy, and hormonal changes can cause changes in your hair growth. This may result in more irritation than usual after waxing. It shouldn’t cause a problem, but may be more irritating and require more aftercare than you’re used to.

Nair, and other chemical hair removals, are on the “don’t” list, as is laser hair removal. The verdict is still out on electrolysis and the effects are still unknown on the unborn child, so many estheticians will not perform the procedure on pregnant women. So, stick to waxing and schedule laser hair removal for maternity leave!


Another area that requires clarification before adding it to the “safe” list. General facials are perfectly safe, including those that contain glycolic, salicylic, or azelaic acid However, avoid vampire facials and those that use retinoids such as facial chemical peels. Pregnancy can help clear your skin and provides a glow that may make facials less necessary, so there’s some good news!

Lash Lift and Tint

Yes ma’am, getting your eyelashes lifted, tinted, or adding eyelash extensions is fine when you are pregnant or breastfeeding. However, your beauty technician may have a conversation with you regarding how well it may or may not turn out. As we have discussed a few times above, hormonal changes during pregnancy alter hair growth and structure. These hormonal changes can affect processing times and alter how well the lash lift holds. Due to hormonal changes in the first trimester — you know, the same thing that causes your morning sickness — may cause sensitivities to chemicals that you’ve never experienced before. For this reason, We recommends skipping your lash lift and tint during the first trimester.

Pregnancy is a beautiful time in your life and it is normal to want to feel beautiful and “selfishly” keep up with your normal hygiene and beauty routine. There are many beauty procedures that are perfectly safe during pregnancy. Be sure to have an honest conversation with your obstetrician and your esthetician and trust your gut. For beauty procedures that you do have to wait on, just schedule a mom’s day out for after the baby is born! Visit us online at My Absolute Beauty to find a beauty professinal near you.

The post Beauty Treatments During Pregnancy appeared first on My Absolute Beauty.

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