Building vs Brow Extensions

Because beautiful brows take work!

Okay, Okay! So let’s talk about brow building. Now, some of you might not even know what building is, so I’m going to use a curse word that will familiarize you (I’m apologizing ahead of time)… brow extensions.

Brow extensions is a more common term that most all of you have probably heard, heck your mom’s probably heard of them too. But, I’m going to transition you over to a more eloquent word, “building.”

What is building you ask?  It is brow hairs attached on natural brow hairs where possible (hair on hair only). So this creates better shape, fullness, and definition. We do not apply hairs on the skin, although adhesive is formulated to allow this – it simply does not last from our experience.

Brow Building

Who can guess what technique was used in the above picture? I’ll give you a hint. It starts with a B…

BUILDING! The technique used is just building, which means a hair to hair extension only.

Building is a great option for those with a good amount of natural brow hairs that are looking to achieve a full brow. It will create a full, well-defined brow with a better shape.

Now, for those of you who don’t have that amazingly full brow, don’t worry. We still can build your brow with hairs, we just have to add our sculpting gel in as well. For more information on our sculpting technique, click here and scroll down to “You’re going to Sculpt my Brows?

Here are some tips and tricks from some of our Sleek Brows Certified Stylists:

“I always sculpt first.  When I do build, I make sure I stay with the natural hair growth direction. I usually need to build mostly on the heads and tail of the brows. I start the tails at the very end and let the hairs overlap each other, as the would naturally. In the front I build top to bottom so they overlap naturally as well. ” – Jennifer Boyd, @sleekbrowsla

“I have experienced a complete turn-around with application and results by wearing a magnifier headset while building & sculpting. The magnifier headset helped me to truly see the amount of sculpting gel on my sculpting tool (huge help) and I can also clearly see where to attach the brow extensions more effectively. It’s the little things!” – Belinda Garza Wellman

I hope this post was able to help, even in just the slightest way. If you ever have any questions please SPEAK UP. Let us help you! We want you to succeed!

Happy Building!


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