A Shout Out to The Solopreneur

To all the women out there that are working by themselves and for themselves, I dedicate this post to you! I commend you for having the courage to stand on your own two feet and make a living based on your passion and dreams. 

First off, Congratulations on completing your Sleek Brows Master Course! I can tell you from experience that this is THE best thing I have done for my business.  Whether you are just starting your career in the beauty industry or you have been in it for over 30 years, Welcome to the Sleek Brows Revolution.

Now, we all know it is crucial to gain a clientele, which therefore creates a booming business, which creates an income! But how???

Here are some business building tips that we have for you!


Yes of course this is my number 1. Social media is HUGE. Get a business Instagram and Facebook page.  Business and Personal need to be separate; sure you can throw in a selfie or two on your business page, but let’s not go selfie crazy.  Twitter is also a great social media resource.  Make sure these are not private accounts so the whole wide world can see them.

Post 3-5 times on your social media accounts DAILY. I know, this sounds like a lot but what if you post at 6 am and I’m still sleeping at 6 am? There is a very good chance I didn’t see your amazing Sleek Brows post.

Before and after pictures sell them selves. Be sure the pictures are high quality and there are no shadows. Good pictures mean good business.

Hashtags are a must! Set some time aside and do some research on the top 100 hashtags that are trending. Hashtag big monumental areas near you, for example if you live in San Francisco hashtag #goldengatebridge. Of course you want things that relate to your business as well. Once, you’ve got a substantial list of hashtags SAVE IT in your notes and then COPY & PASTE every time you post!


Create an atmosphere that makes the client want to return again and again.  Be honest in your skill level and expertise. Be honest with what your retention rates are.  Your clients will respect you for your honesty.  This also creates WORD OF MOUTH. Your client will spread your name out to the world whether it is good or bad, but I can promise if you do good work everyone will know about. (Tip: If my clients love their brows, I have them post about it on their social media and tag me, they get 20% their next service for doing so!)

Respond to e-mails, texts, and phone calls in a timely manner. This not only is professional, but it also shows your clients that they are important.



You can spend a fortune on advertisements, so here are some cost effective ways to advertise your business.

Hold an event for cancer patients.  I have worked closely with a program called Look Good Feel Better and the American Cancer Society. When women look better they feel better. You don’t have to donate 40 Sleek Brows in a day, start small. It will get your name out and its good karma.


If you are brave enough, Sleek one of your brows and go out and about. Make sure you have your business cards and leaflets because people will wonder why your right brow is on sleek and your left one isn’t.

Send referrals out to other Sleek Brows Stylists if the client is closer to them. It will come back to you ten fold and will create a good relationship; after all we are a Sleek Family.

Contact your local news station and show them before and after pictures. You better believe they will want you to do a news segment on this amazing treatment.

Give your client 3 business cards with THEIR name written on the back of them to share with friends.  For example: Trisha is my client. I give Trisha 3 business cards with “Trisha” written on the back of them. Trisha then goes out and spreads the word. Trisha gave Susan, Karen, and Danielle each a card with her name on the back.  Susan, Karen, and Danielle all scheduled and received Sleek Brows. So guess what Trisha, you get a free set!!!!

These are  just some of the endless possibilities you have to build your business.

Most importantly, remember why you started. It’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together!

Learn more about the products we offer to beauty professionals, reach out today. Check out our other article on A Sleek Spotlight.

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