You’re going to “Sculpt” my Brows?

One of the biggest things that sets Sleek Brows apart is our ability to sculpt a brow.  Now, I know there might be a lot of unfamiliar Sleekers out there, but don’t worry. I am going to cover everything about sculpting that you might need to know! I haven’t forgotten about building either… But let’s just take this one step at a time!

I wanted to break it down completely, so I took it back to my dinosaur years and looked in a dictionary for what sculpting meant. Okay, I lied… I used Google dictionary, same thing right? Anyways…

Sculpting: “to form, shape, or create something with a specific technique”.

And that is exactly what we do with Sleek Brows sculpting gel. We form, shape and create.

Sculpted Brow by Sara Millecam

Our sculpt is often referred to as a sculptured paint or 3D Gel which is applied in thin strokes to imitate hair effect on skin where there is no hair at all! So it gives a raised impression as it has texture. Moreover, it is not flat like shadow, tint or pencil. This product will last on skin between 2-3 weeks depending on the natural skin regeneration process and care of customer.

So, you’re telling me I won’t have to fill in my brows from 2-3 weeks? Exactly. Isn’t that just beautiful?

Does it hurt? Absolutely not! The treatment itself is actually quite relaxing.

Do you have something to match MY brow color? Of course, we can custom color match with our 6 amazing colors.

Okay, Okay, okay, I HAVE to wash my face, can I still do that? PLEASE still wash your face we just suggest waiting 24 hrs before direct water comes in contact with your brows.

P.S. Did I tell you that our sculpting gel formulation is enriched with Vitamins A and E? This will help stimulate the hair follicle resulting in HAIR REGROWTH!!!!!

Who loves Sleek Brows?? I know I do!

Next post will be all about our Building technique!

Happy Sleeking!

Learn more about the products we offer to beauty professionals, reach out today. Check out our other article on A Sleek Spotlight.


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