An Introvert’s Guide To Thriving In The Beauty Industry! (Part Two)

Don’t get burnt out on lash lifts and brow tints, but learn to thrive in the beauty industry as an introvert!

In part one, we explored what an introvert is (someone who draws their energy from alone time) and a couple of practical ways such as recharging and choosing a role in the beauty industry where you thrive. 

At My Absolute Beauty, there is room for everyone, which means there is room for you! We need your skills and your talents! If you’re an introvert and looking for practical ways you can thrive in the beauty industry, this post is for you!

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Staying Sane And Nurturing The Introvert In The Beauty Industry

Beyond recharging and finding a position you fit well in that supports your inner introvert, what else can you do? There are so many more things to explore!

Schedule a self-care day just for you each week!

Not only do you need to take time each day to recharge, but you also need a day or some free time just for yourself! This is a time where you don’t feel rushed and you can relax and revel in all the alone time. And again, it doesn’t have to be a whole day but rather a bubble bath or a lazy afternoon where all you do is read and binge-watch a new TV series that just dropped. 

Whatever you love, do that!


Get uncomfortable!

Do you know what introverts are great at? Avoiding attention! This, unfortunately, can be a disservice to the beauty industry. Your natural instinct may be to shy away from public speaking and other situations where you’re in the limelight, but sometimes what you resist is actually holding you back from what you should really be doing! 

If you want to progress your career, at some point you’re going to have to be able to lead a class on lash lifts or give a presentation at a beauty convention. This may sound terrifying and go against every fiber in your body, but the industry needs your knowledge and your skills! Public speaking doesn’t really come naturally to most, but once you start and take that scary first step, it only gets better from there! 

It’s also important to remember that practice always helps. If you feel uneasy about an upcoming class, just keep preparing and practicing. 


Get to know your beauty team.

It is vital to cultivate a relationship with those you work beside day in and day out — you need allies to listen to you vent as well as sharing in your accomplishments. These are the people who will give honest feedback and go to bat for you if need be and you need this! 

As an introvert, however, you usually tend to shy away from small talk and can often be misunderstood as being unfriendly or being marked with a permanent resting bitch face. It’s unfortunate, really, because you love people, but you love interacting more on your own terms.   

Where extroverts shine at company parties or happy hour, as an introvert you can make the same connections by going out to coffee or lunch with individuals. 

As an introvert, you (yes YOU), can shine as a beauty professional, it may take a little more effort navigating things that don’t necessarily come natural, but we need your talents and skills! 

Thrive by reserving time away that is just for you, diving into discomfort, and connecting with those that are an integral of your beauty team. Embrace the introvert you are and watch your business boom from your efforts!

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