9 Steps to Introduce Your Clients to a Lash Lift (Part Two)

Heighten your client’s lash lift experience when you educate and provide them with relevant information regarding the procedure.


In the first part of this series, we discussed a couple of tips to help better familiarize clients with the lash lift process. As beauty professionals, we can go on and on about the wonders of a lash lift, but sometimes it’s important to backtrack and share our knowledge with our clients so, they too, can understand the procedure.


Expand your career when you partner with My Absolute Beauty. Take advantage of a myriad of online and classroom education and find premier lash lift products stocked and ready to go! Join us in today’s post as we continue the conversation and provide you with further talking points to share with your clients.

Additional Lash Lift Talking Points To Help Educate Your Customers


Steps one through four covered more information about explaining the benefits of a lash lift and what to do before, and below we’ll go more into detail about talking points for the actual procedure. Read steps five through nine below.


Step 5: Talk about expected lash lift results.

This is a great place to get to know what the client is looking for and to even upsell great My Absolute Beauty products to help achieve the look they crave.

Go into detail about your consult. Ask them what they’re doing with their lashes now — do they want a striking and significant curl that stretch and reach their eyebrows, or a more subtle boho-chic, I just came from the desert look?

Here you can go over a curl size and help them through one that best fits.


Step 6: Introduce the silicone shield.

Many potential clients don’t even know about the silicone shield and all the tools that assist in the lash lift!

Explain the procedure.  Point out that you’ll first clean and separate the top and bottom lashes. Then you will place a silicone shield with an adhesive on your eyelids to secure the shield.

It’s vital at this step that you always ask your clients if they have an allergy or sensitivity to adhesives, and adjust your procedure accordingly.

The lashes are then combed and the solution is ready to be applied.


Step 7: Clearly communicate about the lash lift solution.

Our eyes are precious and sight is something we rely heavily on, so the lash lift solution is a big fear to clients. They want to know what you’re using is safe and that something won’t accidentally happen and cause blindness.

It’s important to explain what’s in the solution you’re using and make them aware of any potential risks.


Step 8: Explain how long the lash lift solution is left on.

Many clients don’t like to sit still, especially when it comes to having their eyes closed. You hear the horrors of being in a lash extension procedure for over two hours — while this is not uncommon, if you do not prepare your client, it can feel like an eternity.

Depending on the hair type, a client may have the perming solution on for six to 12 minutes to get the desired shape and curl.

At this time you can address how long the process will take, which is typically anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half.


Step 9: Talk about lash lift aftercare.   

Lash lift aftercare is just as important as the lash lift itself. Talk with your clients about how long they should expect it to last (six to eight weeks), the cost per session, and that you can wear mascara.

This is also another great opportunity to talk about a lash tint if they want to avoid mascara altogether and explain the vital 24-hours after a lash lift.

Key points to avoid for the 24-hours after a lash lift:

  • To get them wet.
  • Any steam.
  • Makeup (helps the curl last longer).


Lash lifts, though they’re not a new thing to you, may be a whole new world to your clients! Take a moment with them before an appointment and answer any questions they may have and touch on the major talking points.


Lash lifts are an important service to expand your business — for additional information on the training we offer or to get to know our product lines, reach out and connect with us today!


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