The Significance of Hygiene in Your Beauty Career (Part One)

If you’re building a beauty empire with lash lifts and brow tints, both personal and workstation hygiene is a non-negotiable and will only bolster your budding beauty career.

At My Absolute Beauty, we’re an ally for the beauty professional — not only do we provide world-class beauty training and products, but we want to see you succeed and expand your beauty career in every way possible.

First impressions matter, especially in the beauty industry. Every detail has an aesthetic implication that can make or break whether you have a repeat client.

Think of the space you’re looking to unwind in — it’s probably not one that is visibly dirty and has an odd smell.

When clients meander into your doors they want to escape into an oasis of delicious smells and an environment that is comfortable yet chic. The one thing that will send clients running for the doors is when it’s dirty. This is very bad, yet 100 percent avoidable.   

Join us in today’s beauty musing as we navigate the ever-so-important topic of hygiene.

How Hygiene Keeps You in Business

When it comes to business tips, hygiene is often not included and can easily go overlooked, yet it’s arguably one of the pillars to your business’s success. As we touched on above, no one likes feeling all creepy-crawly and like they can’t relax because stations aren’t clean and chairs have someone else’s skin slough on them!

When things are clean it also creates a relaxed space and indicates to customers that you care about what you’re doing. If the environment is dirty, how do you expect clients to take what you do seriously or begin to trust you?  

The takeaway: Keep your business clean and hygienic at all times to keep current clients and attract new ones.    


Your Guide to a Cleaner, Healthier, and More Hygienic Space

Most know where to start when it comes to hygiene, but we don’t want to leave any beauty brush unturned, so we’ll dive into it all!

Sweep and tidy your floors – This may not seem like a daily task, but it is. You know who can see dust and debris? Your customers! You’re likely working at your station all day so you don’t have a clear picture of the state of things, yet while your customers are waiting, they’re strolling around and can see everything.

Sweeping is just one way to keep your place looking and feeling amazing every day.


Bathroom duty – No one likes to clean the bathroom, but it needs to be done daily. Disinfect sinks and counters and replace toilet paper and paper towels as needed. This can also help prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses, keeping everyone healthier!


Empty trash cans – An empty trash can looks better and signals that the trash is being taken care of. Even if it’s just emptying them into one larger liner and disposing of it, keeping the trash at a minimum is key. Also, who likes looking at other people’s trash?!  


Set the tone of your beauty dwelling and make a lasting first impression on your clients not only in the amazing lash lift and brow tint services you provide, but the clean and vibrant environment you keep.


Take the tangible and practical tips from above and watch your business transform! If you’re looking for even more tips including how to be more hygienic yourself, stay tuned for part two!


Providing lash lifts and brow tints is a skill as much as it is an art. If you’re looking to elevate your techniques, we can help. Peruse through our online and in-class trainings and get familiar with our top-of-the-line beauty products today!


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