5 Tips for Choosing the Right Lash Lift Supplies

Pro Tips to Choose the Right Lash Lift Supplies

Every beauty professional knows how important products are for providing reliable services to clients and high-quality treatments. So if you’ve completed your training, you may be wondering where to top up your lash lift products.

Here are our top tips for having everything you need at your fingertips.

Tip 1: Stick to your beauty brand

Once you’ve completed your lash lift training, it’s important to find a brand that’s compatible with your new found skills. Luckily, if you’ve trained in lash lifts, there are plenty of supplies to use after course completion.

Tip 2: Start with everything you need

Invest in a lash lift kit to get you started which will have everything you need from Lash Lift sachets to keratin serum and eyelash adhesive. It’s easy to see where your supplies are running low and top up individual items with refills.

Tip 3: Ensure you customize your services

Not all your clients are the same. So producing the best results for their individual needs is essential to achieve the ultimate lash lift for every client. This means having a range of products to meet their needs, including different sized silicone rods for various eyelash lengths and tints for creating the ideal look.

Tip 4: Choose quality products

Highly skilled techniques are nothing without quality products you can rely on. Make sure you have the best products at hand to complete lash lifts to the highest of standards. This may include keratin products which add nourishment to lashes. Moreover, you can educate your clients about this and offer them additional products they can use at home.

Tip 5: Create a professional-looking business

This is advice many businesses forget, but achieving success involves creating a professional atmosphere, comfortable environment for clients, and using your surroundings to promote your services. Therefore, MAB produces marketing packages to make life simple, so you can top up these supplies individually if needed. You can also invest in additional items such as branded aprons, massage table covers, shopping bags, aftercare advice, and display cases for products you may be selling.

Luckily, finding a reliable supplier for all of your lash lift products is hassle-free with our wide range of quality offerings providing everything you need for lash lift success.

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