Eyelash Extension Certification: What’s Next? How to Develop Beyond a Certification in Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extension Certification

Curious about adding eyelash extensions to your services? Be in the know with the information below! For those beauty professionals who already have an eyelash extension certification, choosing the next steps of your career is essential to building on your success.


Which Course?

If you want to offer the latest in eyelash treatments, lash lift training is an ideal choice. Eliminating the need for extensions, it’s a technique suitable for those with any length of lashes. Unlike the traditional lash perm which is a curling method for those with longer eyelashes. Taking the beauty world by storm, this popular treatment elongates the natural lashes. The treatment ‘lifts’ the eyelashes to give them a longer appearance and lasts anywhere from 2 to 3 months as long as aftercare advice is followed.


My Absolute Beauty is the US distributor and trainer for lash lifts. We provide a range of courses and lash lift products across iconic US locations. This includes some of the best lash lift training Miami has to offer. Known for its culture, beaches, and glitzy lifestyle, what better place to learn the art of glamorous lashes?


eyelash extension certificationWho?

Trainees will benefit from the expertise of our world-class trainers who’ve searched and sourced the best lash lift products in the industry. So pairing these with a supportive training environment and tailored feedback provides trainees with the skills they need to perfect their techniques. Once you’ve completed your course, you’ll receive a certificate backed by MAB. You can start promoting the treatment as part of your services.

Beyond Lash Lift Training


Your journey with My Absolute Beauty doesn’t just end after completing your course. We continually add resources to our site, so you’ll get access to all the quality products you’ll need to offer the highest standards of treatments. Our online lash lift shop has everything from full lash lift starter kits, applicator tools, aftercare advice, marketing packs, and individual products to top up your lash lift supplies. To build your successful business, there are also numerous ways to create a professional, yet comfortable environment in your salon. Also create comfortable treatment rooms with the massage table covers and our branded aprons.


If you’re looking to develop your career from your original eyelash extension certification by training in one of the hottest eyelash treatments in the industry, our Miami lash lift courses are the logical next step.


Take a look at our course information and enroll today.

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    Your article is amazing Eyelash boxes learn a lot from this article.

  2. avatar Kristofer Van Wagner says:

    Thank you for sharing that an eyelash extension service requires to be performed by a certified and trained therapist. The other day my cousin was asking about the possibility of becoming a therapist. Maybe I can recommend to her to enroll in a course and get professionally certified so people trust her services more.

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