Eyebrow Grooming Tips For Men

You may not be running out to purchase the latest eyeliner — adios 2007 — and we can’t assume that Maxim would suggest you start contouring your cheeks anytime soon — oh, hello 2030 — but, there are a few brow grooming tips that you can follow to keep up with your delicious arm candy. Join us as we dedicate today’s post to the swoon-worthy men in our lives and help them groom the perfect brow that will accentuate the flowing hair flop and tapered facial hair that is the mark of 2019 man-shion.

Brows are the new beard, and beards are the new six-pack. Welcome summer 2019 with eyes worth locking with.

Brush your brows upward.

Men and women alike are embracing the full, thick, natural look of bushy brows this year. Tame those brows by giving them an upward brush with a mustache comb to help fluff and untangle them.

Weed out the extras.

With your brows combed upward, you’ll be able to quickly identify the long, wiry strays that threaten to resemble your grandfather’s ear hair. Using small scissors, trim the long ends. Then, using tweezers, remove the hairs that are growing all by themselves, away from the bushy union of a perfectly tapered brow. Eugene Levy-brows are not topping any trend lists in 2019.

Ditch the unibrow.

Gentlemen. For centuries, you’ve been able to get away with a unibrow because beauty procedures were left for the women-folk. However, in 2019, you are privy to all the luxuries of self-care and grooming techniques that make you much more appealing for a potential mate and help you age with a devilish handsome. It is time to take personal responsibility for the wandering hairs threatening to attach your brows into one single line of hair. We are fully aware that the full, natural eye bush is topping the trend charts this season, but make sure they are two distinct brows by cleaning up the area between them.

Don’t be afraid to try tinting.

Don’t get us wrong, our heart still skips a few beats at the men who age well, sporting their salt and pepper shag. But, if you have blonde brows that disappear with the slightest tan, don’t be afraid to try eyebrow tinting. Brow tint is easy to blend to match your skin and eye color to help you flaunt Zac Efron brows.

The rules are simple — trim the strays and emphasize what you have. If you are interested in grooming your facial hair into a look that steals both passing glances and longing gazes, spend a little time tending to your brows this summer. For the help you need in taming your brow bush.

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