Everlasting Brows | Salon Flyers (50 pack)


Everlasting Brows | Salon Flyers (50 pack)

Product description

Earn the trust of customers with Everlasting Brows information Flyers!

One thing that convinces people to choose you is the products used in your Salon. Everlasting Brows are popular, and many beauty experts use this brand's range of beauty items. 

We have the informative Everlasting Brows flyers for all the professionals. One side has everything that your clients need to know about the quality brand, and the other side is for you to fill out all the details about your Salon.

The order will contain:

  • One pack with 50 Flyers.
  • Best for marketing.
  • Good way of educating people.

Start sharing more with your clients to understand better the treatments and the products that will get applied to them. They will undoubtedly choose you with a strong belief and spread good word of mouth about you.

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