Everlasting Brows | Brow Pencil Razors


Everlasting Brows | Brow Pencil Razors

Product description

Sharpen the mapping tool forever-ready measurements!

Every professional knows how important it is to mark the lines with the sharp end mapping tools. Numerous applications can dull the mapping pencils that need to get into the previous shape again. The Brow Pencil Razors provided by the Everlasting Brows will work to maintain the desired pointed shape.

We are making it easy for you with our Brow Pencil Razor. Now it is easy to reshape the tip and use the mapping pencils for precise marking of the measured lines. Order now and sharpen every tool that needs sharpening.

Product features:

  • One pack contains 10 razors.
  • Made of stainless steel.
  • These are disposable.
  • Best for the pre-drawing pencils.

Do not let the dull mapping tool be an obstacle! Get this fantastic product right now and reshape them flawlessly.

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