Everlasting Brows | PMU Practice Face


Everlasting Brows | PMU Practice Face

Product description

 A perfect way to practice your work on the dummy face!

The experts can not practice directly on the client’s face. But the people who perform the treatments need practice and the ones who started their career in this field. So, we have designed a human-like face to try your procedures and sharpen your skills.

PMU Practice Face from the Everlasting Brows will help you become the best with your craft. So, get ready with the practice you need by performing on our Practice face. 

Advantages with the PMU Practice Face: 

  • It helps in sharpening the skills.

  • It feels like natural skin.

  • One can practice the lash or brow procedures.

The people who want to train themselves more can get this Practice face and go for the applications as much as they want.

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