Everlasting Brows | MULBERRY PMU/Microblading Lip Pigment


Intense color for the spectacular lips!

The accurate coloration leads to a gorgeous-looking set of lips. With MULBERRY PMU/Microblading Lip Pigment by Everlasting Brows, all the people with medium to dark tone lips can have the natural tinge, and corrections are also possible in case of dull lips. 

This pigment will give a dramatic appearance to people with lighter lips. The product's consistency is excellent and does not require any modifier while mixing with other pigments is also suitable for the requested colors by the clients.

Here are a few convincing product specifications:

  • Non-toxic formula.

  • High-quality ingredients.

  • No need for a modifier.

  • It heals true to the color.

  • One bottle contains 10ml.

  • No-added water.

The clients will love the beautiful purple-brown color results using MULBERRY Lip Pigment. Add it to your cart and get the stock of colors that others might not offer to their customers.

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