EB | DIOR Microblading Lip Pigment


EB | DIOR Microblading Lip Pigment

Product description

The perfect pigment for flawless looking Lips!!

Looking for the perfect lip pigment for your microblading clients? Look no further than Everlasting Brows® | DIOR Microblading Lip Pigment. This top-of-the-line product is perfect for rejuvenating and reviving faded, dull lips.

The benefits of using our microblading lip pigment are endless:

  • It provides excellent coverage for a natural, beautiful look
  • It works to heal and repair damaged lips
  • The high-quality formula ensures long-lasting results
  • It's perfect for lifeless, purple lips
  • And, there's no added water – just pure pigment for maximum effectiveness

As a beauty professional, you want to provide the best possible results for your clients. With Everlasting Brows® | DIOR Microblading Lip Pigment, you can give them the vibrant, healthy lips they desire. Trust in our top-rated pigment to deliver the perfect finishing touch to any microblading treatment.

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