InLei® | Tweezers | Slanted Tip


Smoothly remove all the loose hair from clients’ brows and lashes!

Each technician needs the precision you will get with the InLei® slanted tip tweezers. The creation of each InLei® tool starts with the professional in mind. Your tools are an indication of your abilities and expertise. Don't jeopardize your reputation with second-rate tools or products. Show your clients today that you are serious about your craft and don't compromise on quality. Get your InLei® slanted tip tweezers today! 

Here are some characteristics:

  • Made for the small details.
  • Easy to control and use.
  • Comfortable for removing loose hair.
  • It helps in maintaining brow shapes.

The right tools make your job faster and easier creating greater revenues and happier clients. Start your path to excellence today with InLei® branded tools and the InLei®. slanted tip Tweezers. 

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Customer Reviews

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Always use it!

My favorite tweezers so far !