InLei® | Art Collection | Professional Brushes for Lashes and Brows


Whatever the product, apply it professionally with InLei® Art Collection!

As a professional, each step in a procedure matters. Also, each step needs to be applied with the knowledge that it is clean and void of any cross-contamination.  Smooth and soft each brush is created for the lash and brow services. Reusable brush fibers give the total control of applying everything from InLei® Lash Filler, Brow Bomber, and Tint. Each product application needs the comfort and control you will get with the InLei® Art Collection of professional brushes. Don't wait to get started with the best product line available with InLei®

Impressive product specifications:

The set includes 3 multifunctional brushes with unique tips.

Handle made of “Birch Wood.”

Fiber is synthetic.


Each InLei® product is made with the lash and brow professional at its root. Don't compromise with mimics or second-rate products. Show your clients the quality and precision you command with the InLei® Art Collection of professional brushes. 

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