InLei® | Lash Lift + Filler & Tint | Webinar | Kit


*You must be a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician to take this online training course and proof of license must be sent to your instructor before training can begin.*


The course is broken into multiple sections. Each section will end with a quiz. This online workshop will train you and get you on your way to becoming certified in the art of InLei® Lash Filler services. Upon completion of the online portion of the workshop, your trainer will send you homework requirements that you will complete while performing the service. Once you and your trainer are confident that you are proficient in the InLei process you will receive your certificate of completion as an InLei certified stylist.

This is not a typical online workshop as you will always have a connection with your trainer long after the course is over. Your trainer will always be available to answer any questions, tips, and tricks. Your success in lash and brow services is our success and with InLei® it becomes an easy path. 

Secondly, if you would like your trainer will schedule a time to have a video chat as part of your online training. But only after you purchased the InLei® | lash lift + filler & tint | webinar with kit.

You will have lifetime support from your instructor, and our head office in Utah, USA. We will continue to support and work with you to be proficient in not only InLei® lash and brow services, but also marketing, accounting, customer service, scheduling, and more as you build your business. 

This plus many more resources will be available to you once you have completed the course.

The kit contains:

  • InLei® Shiny Black Tint
  • InLei® FORM 1
  • InLei® FIX 2
  • InLei® FILLER 3
  • InLei® TOTAL Curlers (8 pairs of different curlers)
  • InLei® Developer Cream
  • InLei® HELPER (1pcs)
  • InLei® Picasso Brush
  • InLei® Solo Bowl


**For students who have taken a lash lift course check out our conversion course here 

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