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Looking for a professional wax kit that will give you faster hair removal? Look no further than InLei® Professional Wax Kit. This complete kit includes everything you need for effective hair removal, including a professional wax warmer, sensitive wax, protective wax collar, spare aluminum pot, and professional wax wooden stick applicators.

Made in Italy, this kit is perfect for professionals who want to give their clients the best waxing experience possible. The InLei® Professional Wax Warmer smartly melts the wax and maintains it at the perfect temperature for waxing, while the InLei® Sensitive Wax is gentle on the skin and leaves a smooth finish. The InLei® Protective Wax Collar helps protect the wax warmer from mess and ensures you get the correct amount of wax every time. The InLei® Spare Aluminum Pot is a handy extra in case your primary pot becomes dirty or damaged. And the Professional Wax Wooden Stick Applicators are a must-have for any waxing kit, as they allow you to apply the wax effectively.

Some key features of the InLei® Professional Wax Kit include:

  • A complete wax kit with everything you need for effective hair removal
  • Made in Italy for professional-grade skincare
  • A professional wax warmer that maintains the perfect temperature for waxing
  • Sensitive wax that is gentle on the skin and leaves a smooth finish
  • A protective wax collar to help prevent mess and ensure accurate measurement
  • A spare aluminum pot in case your primary pot becomes dirty or damaged
  • Professional wax wooden stick applicators for effective wax application

Whether you're a professional skin care professional or a brow professional, the InLei® Professional Wax Kit has everything you need. With its high-quality wax, professional-grade wax warmer, and necessary tools, this kit is sure to make your waxing experience as smooth and efficient as possible.

*Made in Italy. Only for professional use.

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Customer Reviews

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DeeLisa Sacco
Great Wax

I’ve used & tried dozens of waxes & InLei is gentle & gets the hair- my client said she was waiting for the ouch & it never happened 💜