InLei® | Protective Wax Collar


Better protection to the Wax Warmer from unwanted spills!

Accidental spills and wastage are possible while performing Wax on the clients. The safety of you, the clients, and the devices under usage is essential. Here, we will share information about how to save the Wax warmer.

A product that will protect the warmer is InLei® Protective Wax Collar. When you take the stick covered with Wax, this collar will help take the extra substance and prevent the mess. In this way, you will not need to sanitize or clean the Wax warmer frequently.

Product Details:

  • Content: 50 Collars

  • Fireproof cardboard up to 200° C

  • Custom graphics from InLei®

  • Made in Italy

*SAFETY ALERT! Please dispose of the collar after use. It will help in maintaining sanitation.

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