InLei® | Picasso (Professional Brush)


Professionally add the product to the client's skin using Picasso!

Have you ever faced a situation where the final results did not come up as expected? We can say that the tools you use to place the substances on the clients should be high in quality. Picasso is a special brush designed by InLei® for the desired outcomes.

The straight-cut brush can apply the mixture from your tray to your clients' lashes with high precision. Not only this, but the handling of this brush is fantastic with total control. So, get good responses from your customers with the accurate results they want from you.

We know you won't mind reading the product details. So, here it is: 

  • It is water-resistant.
  • Synthetic fiber gets used in the brush.
  • 100% Made In Italy.

You can go for this solo brush, or another option is to choose an Art Collection by InLei®, a set of three professional brushes.

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