InLei® | Brow Bomber | Lock 2 Sachet


A practical sachet of Lock 2 for never getting out of stock!

InLei® Brow Bomber treatment gives perfectly defined eyebrows with silky and in-style hair. With the symmetrical shape, the clients of beauty experts can see the proper arch.

We have the Lock 2 sachets for the salons of the professionals so that you will always have an entire collection of the required items. Let’s move forward to understand more about the product.  

Remarkable Product details:

  • Content: 6 sachets of 1.5ml
  • 2-3 treatments are possible with one sachet.
  • Skin-friendly ingredients.
  • Solely for the applications on eyebrows.
  • Made in Italy.


  • Combining Lock 2 with the products of other brands can be dangerous. So, do not try the experiment.
  • Strictly avoid applying to the eyelashes as it can harm the eyes.

*Only for professional use.

The beauticians can order this one pack with 6 sachets for locking the exact shape of the client’s brows with complete health to the skin and hair.

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Customer Reviews

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DeeLisa Sacco
I use like cra cra

This is amazing & secret I apply to brows after prep 4 minutes, (softens hairs) remove & then apply 1st solution & proceed with steps 1-3/4 & it’s a dream