InLei® | Brow Bomber | Lamination Kit


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InLei® | Brow Bomber | Lamination Kit


Bottles or Sachets

Bottles Sachets
Product description

Highlight the eyebrows with one complete kit!

 Inlei® brow bomber lamination gives the perfect lifted brows during the nourishing & conditioning treatment. Inlei® Italian born and created has again achieved new heights with this brow lamination treatment!

 Forget your previous perceptions about brow treatments, irritation, and follicle damage due to harsh and unknown chemical sources. InLei® proudly displays the MADE IN ITALY® trademark. Representing the nation's dedication to perfection in excellence in each product exported into the world. The purest ingredients use leading chemists to create the world's best lash and brow treatment services.

InLei® offers a wide range of professional beauty supplies online. For some of the best brow products we offer, try the Basic Brow Lamination Kit.

The Kit includes:


Exposure Time:

  • For Thin Hair: 6-8 min
  • For Medium Hair: 8-10min
  • For Thick Hair: 10-12 min

*The color after using this kit will have 24% more volume than the extensive tint colors.

You can also go to visit: InLei® Brow Lamination Treatment Guide | InLei® Brow Bomber Consent Form
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Anna Shmidt
Brow lamination

Love the results

Salina White
Brow bomber lamination kit

I love it! I love that you don't have to use plastic wrap and the eyebrows come out looking fabulous ✨️

Danielle Cohen
The best lami line I’ve used

I’ve been doing brow lamination for 4 years, and used one brand exclusively for the first 3.5. I recently started branching out and trying other brands— 4 other to be exact. Of the five I’ve used in my career, Brow Bomber is without any question the best. Lowest odor, quickest processing, zero overprocessing, I love that the step 1 solution is more creamy rather than gel based, and the brow butter is a gorgeous finish. 10/10 would recommend to anyone.

Betty Powell

Easy to work with and seems to be a great product so far.

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