InLei® | Isolator Tool


A tool to correctly place every lash hair during the treatments!

The eyelash procedures get done right with the right tools. We present an instrument that will save time straightening the hair strands properly. The products to get applied should have high quality and the equipment also. Only then can you form the beautiful shape effortlessly with your skills.

InLei® Isolator Tool is the best device to help place lashes expertly on the silicone curler. Afterward, the professionals can perform further steps to get the desired results requested by the clients. 

The way it helps the professionals are: 

  • The design is practical for the tool.

  • It detaches each hair and places it right.

  • High-precision with extra-fine tip.

  • Good quality steel.

  • Sterilization is possible with any method.

Please do not wait anymore and get this efficient Isolator Tool by InLei®by one order right now.

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