InLei® | F Plus Sanitizer


Quick cleaner to disinfect the makeup tools!

Beauty treatments involve many tools to get the desired results. But, frequent disinfection is as necessary as utilizing them. Hence, InLei® has come up with “F Plus” to maintain the cleanliness of the various equipment sitting on your table.

F Plus Sanitizer has the following properties:

  • Specially designed for scissors, tweezers, small combs, and InLei® Silicone Curlers.
  • It does both cleaning and sanitization.
  • No dilution is compulsory.
  • The formulation is odorless.
  • Quantity: 500ml.

How to use:

  • First, remove the dust from the silicone tools or curlers.
  • If any dye or glue is attached, rinse the device with water and soap.
  • Immerse the equipment in InLei® F Plus entirely.
  • Wait for 15-20 minutes, and then rinse with water.
  • In the end, let it dry naturally.

Bacterial Effect: 5 min

Fungicidal Effect: 20 min

Minutes Sporicidal Effect: 30 min

Virucidal Effect: 30 min

*Prevent the soaking to extend the indicated timings. 


  • Save eye contact.
  • Do not inhale.

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Customer Reviews

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Silvia Guzman
Great item.

This Sanitizer helps a lot if on the go appointments and super convenient, although, I always use it no matter what, it doesn’t have a harsh smell and everything is nice, clean and ready for next costumers.