InLei® | Brow Tint | Sunshine



InLei® Sunshine  

InLei®  brow tint sunshine is suitable for bleaching the eyebrows during the brow tinting treatment.

Product features: 

    • Lightens up to 3 shades.

    • Contains Aragon Oil that prevents the hair from overdrying.

    • Gentle formula;

    • Easy to use.

    • Professional use only.

The easy-to-squeeze thin-tipped tube makes it easy to control the amount of product being mixed and reduces product waste. Moreover, it ensures accurate blending. InLei® gentle formula is easy to apply, so it helps the beauty professional expertly to apply the product while keeping any client comfortable. Consult the InLei® Color Chart for blending and mixing tips.

How to use-

Product specs:

    • Multi-use tube with non-sterile cap

    • 15ml — approximately 100 applications