InLei® | Color Chart | Lash & Brow Tint


Now blend the perfect tint with the correct proportion for Lashes and brows!

Mixing the colors for the desired one needs the attention to accurate quantity of every element. With InLei® Color Chart it becomes easy to blend in the right way to obtain the tint that clients are demanding. The chart includes every small detail that will be helpful to perform the tint treatments on the lashes and brows.

A wide range of colors including black, brown, dark brows, light brows, dark blue, etc. are now quick to mix well with simple steps. So, go for buying this chart and know how you can achieve the required results every time.

The chart instructs about:

  • A full list of the available colors + brightener.
  • Mixing the tints to get the one client wants.
  • Correct mixing ratio for hair.
  • Timing for staying on hair.
  • Made in Italy.

Be happy and add the beautiful tints for defining the most attractive lashes and brows for the clients.

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