InLei® | Color Chart | Lash & Brow Tint


InLei® | Color Chart | Lash & Brow Tint

Product description
Inlei® true to tint color chart with real hair!

Introducing the InLei® Color Chart - the ultimate tool for achieving perfect tints for lashes and brows. With this chart, you can easily mix and match shades to create the perfect color for each of your clients.

Here are some key features of the InLei® Color Chart:

  • A full range of available colors and brighteners: Choose from a wide selection of shades to find the perfect match for your clients.

  • Mixing instructions: The chart provides clear instructions on how to mix tints to create the desired shade.

  • Correct mixing ratio for hair: Get the perfect proportions every time with the help of the chart.

  • Timing guidelines: The chart also includes timing guidelines to ensure that the tint stays on the hair for the desired length of time.

  • Made in Italy: InLei® is a leading provider of premium lash and brow products, and the InLei® Color Chart is no exception. It is proudly made in Italy.

  • Visual selling guide: Display the chart in your waiting room to provide your clients with a visual guide of what each tint color will look like.

With the InLei® Color Chart, you can provide your clients with confidence in knowing exactly what each tint color will look like, making it easier to choose the perfect shade. Enhance and brighten the effects of your lash filler and brow bomber services with the InLei® Color Chart.

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