Everlasting Brows | HARRODS Microblading Eyeliner Pigment


Style the eyes with a thrilling green pigment!

HARRODS Microblading Eyeliner Pigment is a fashionable pigment with a beautiful forest green color. We know your clients love experimenting with their looks and want unique options. It is the reason we are providing this lovely pigment by Everlasting Brows to beauty professionals.

The pigments from this famous brand are self-sufficient and allow you to play and mix with others to attain the desired outcomes. We recommend getting this eyeliner tint and surprising your clients with a unique collection.

Let's check out some product features:

  • Quantity: 10ml per bottle.

  • Non-toxic formula.

  • Great for the "hazel" eyes.

  • Suitable for both manual and machine work.

Without any delay, get this outstanding Ink from Everlasting Brows and serve your clients with satisfactory results they ever wanted.

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